The Prodigy’s Maxim Teams Up With Artist Dan Pearce for New Mixed Media Project

The Prodigy's momentum has never slowed down, even after the tragic passing of Keith Flint in 2019. The group have continued to work on new music and even have a documentary in the works. Now, frontman Maxim has collaborated with esteemed artist Dan Pearce for a new mixed media art project.

"Hope" combines sculptures, a short film, an exhibition, and a special EP release from Maxim. The project launched with a VIP viewing at London’s 99 Projects Gallery and Event Space on May 19th and will be displayed until June 7th.

The name of Pearce and Maxim's project was inspired by the hope that carried many through the COVID-19 pandemic and the social isolation of its ensuing lockdown measures. "Hope" arrived just as the world gradually begins to return to normalcy.

"We’ve known each other for a few years as we both exhibited art at the same galleries and attended each other's exhibitions, so we always chatted about doing a collaboration," Pearce said in a statement. "Lockdown gave us that opportunity, and we wanted the project to deal with this difficult year, while demonstrating the positive message about the role hope now plays."

50 limited edition hand-painted sculptures from "Hope" were released on May 20th, with bespoke memory cards inside containing the four-track "Hope" EP from Maxim.  That record will be exclusive to purchasers of the sculptures for a three-month period, after which the music will be made available via Spotify, Apple Music and more.

To see more of Maxim and Dan Pearce's "Hope" project, check out the latter's Instagram page