Dragon Goes House-Hunting: Letty Isn’t the Only One With Housing Trouble

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Goes House-Hunting, Episode 8, “Pip Goes on an Adventure”, now streaming on Funimation.

Dragon Goes House-Hunting Episode 8 is the first episode where Letty takes a complete backseat to the other two main characters of the series, Pip and Dearia. Both are much better at taking care of themselves than Letty, with Dearia being the Dark Lord and little baby Pip thriving on a solo adventure.

Both characters experience their own house-hunting adventures in Episode 8, proving that finding the right house can be difficult for anyone, even those way more prepared for the journey than Letty.

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The first part of Episode 8 focuses on Pip, who goes out to play while Letty is asleep. Pip runs into a pair of Leprechauns who lost their house, a leather boot, to the usual Hero antics. Pip volunteers to help them and serve some poetic justice by taking an archer’s boot for the Leprechauns. Some caterpillars that hate Heroes also help with the effort. The only question is: how does everyone understand Pip except for Letty?

Pip gets back just as the overprotective Letty grows more hysterical, and this leads Dearia to reminisce about his own childhood as a curious young elf. The elf village is hidden on the Yggdrasil because, as it turns out, elves have anxieties about interacting with other species, so they became recluses. But Dearia wasn't content with being isolated so he absorbed knowledge through books. He even tried to use magic to build a library on the Yggdrasil but ended up destroying a branch, showing that he had an interest in architecture even at a young age.

Dearia’s behavior irritated the adults, so they decided to him away to a place where he could learn: the Jormungandr, or the Great Serpent. She is as old as the Yggdrasil and can see for thousands of miles, thus has endless knowledge about the world. She is gentle and has a sophisticated view of knowledge: it’s not just about knowing empty facts, but trying to understand the reasons behind everything -- a perspective that was perfect for Dearia.

Dearia had finally found a master who could quench his thirst for knowledge and he studied everything from history to medicine, eventually coming to truly love and respect the Jormungandr. There was only one problem: his master kept destroying his house with the tremors caused by her movements. Since the Jormungandr lived in the deep north where Berserkers roamed, Dearia needed to stay in a house to be safe, otherwise he'd be sent back to the Yggdrasil.

So Dearia was forced to study architecture and try to figure out the best way to keep his house from collapsing, either through structural or material innovation. This was when he first met the Graeae Sisters who gave him building materials. However, the materials were always either too fragile to stand the cold or too weak to stand the constant earthquakes. His final solution was ingenious, and perfectly in line with the Dearia we know: he built a camp on top of the Jormungandr’s head, safe from both Berserkers and tremors. Although where Dearia went to the bathroom is still a mystery.

This experience is also how Dearia started to think about how much a house that could stand the weight of a Jormungandr could sell, which definitely paved the way for his future career as a real estate agent. But the real reason behind why Dearia got into real estate is yet to be revealed, and it is teased in the final scene that a black dragon led him on this path, the same dragon that has been mentioned several times in previous episodes, so expect even more adventures ahead from Dearia’s flashbacks.

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