The Magic Movement imprint revisits Xique-Xique’s LP ‘Na Lagoa’ with remixes by Oliver Koletzki, Zoe Reijue, and more

Noema’s record label The Magic Movement revisits Xique-Xique’s debut album ‘Na Lagoa’ with new remixes by Oliver Koletzki, Zoe Reijue, Nutia, Psilosamples, Dengue Dengue Dengue, Niko Schwind, Batu Ozer plus a collaborative rework by Mira and Christopher Schwarzwalder.

Xique-Xique dropped their downtempo and trippy ‘Na Lagoa’ album via The Magic Movement in 2021 and this release features dance floor friendly reworks of its most popular tracks.

First of the reworked tracks comes from Zoe Reijue who delivers a new version of “Prelúdio”. Having previously featured on other labels including YION, Serafin Audio Imprint and WAYU Records, her remix has the original’s enchanting atmosphere and dreamy melodies layered with additional percussion.

Mira and Christopher Schwarzwalder team up for a slow burning remix of “Siriema”. Berlin based Mira is well-known for her residency at Kater Blau plus releases on Katermukke and Christopher Schwarzwalder is a fellow Berliner known for his epic DJ sets and releases on the likes of Bar 25 Music.

Nutia provides a trippy remix of “Preludio” in a similar style to what the Hamburg based artist has featured on other imprints such as Sol Selectas and Underyourskin Records.

Psilosamples is an emerging talent from Brazil whose remix of “Espelho d’água” focuses on the original’s flowing percussion, but strips back the lead synth to create a more atmospheric version.

Dengue Dengue Dengue is a Berlin based duo whose triple barrelled name and tribal style of downtempo electronica can be found on record labels ranging from On The Corner Records to Enchufada. Their remix of “Senhor Carangeju” adds tribal rhythms to the original’s melody synth.

Niko Schwind is based in Berlin and a regular on labels including A Tribe Called Kotori and Stil Vor Talent. His remix of the album’s title track “Na Lagoa” adds additional synths and an arpeggio melody to create a more melodic version of the original.

Batu Ozer is a Turkish artist from Istanbul who is an accomplished DJ and aspiring producer known for his releases on Urban Cosmonaut Radio and Leveldva. He has a downtempo style and his remix of “Say Hum” is filled with haunting atmosphere and attentive melodies.

Oliver Koletzki is the label owner of Stil Vor Talent and his music has also been released on the likes of Cocoon. He also remixes “Na Lagoa” and lifts the tempo to create a melodic house version that’s both captivating and full of energy.

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