Akon’s Next Album Will Incorporate EDM

Akon's next album will incorporate electronic dance music, the iconic artist and entrepreneur said in a recent interview.

Speaking with iHeartRadio, Akon revealed said that his fourth studio album, Akonic, is expected to release in early 2023. The album, he said, will cross over into many different genres, among them EDM.

"You’re gonna have a lot of pop rhythmic and some street records on there. It's one of them albums where by the time you press play and you get to the end, you done traveled the world. All my albums always do that," Akon said. "I always start off with street records and then I end up with a big ass pop record. So I like to take people on that journey because you shouldn’t be defined in music in one territory because I still have such a global audience that they wanna know what's happening in the streets. So I always hit them with that. They’re not going through the mid and rhythmic records that radio is gonna to go crazy over and keep on rotation. Then I cross it over to these big pop, EDM, Latin, African Afrobeats. We going into everything on this album."

Elsewhere in the interview, Akon said he has plans to team up with electronic music producers to remix music from the record.

"I got all my EDM DJs obviously gonna take these acapellas and do what they do for me on that side," he added. "So it's gonna be some experiences with this record."

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Akon's Next Album Will Incorporate EDM

Akon said that his forthcoming album, "Akonic," will integrate many different genres, including electronic dance music.


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Akon's foray into the electronic world doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. Last year, he teamed up with Master KG and David Guetta for the Afro-house anthem "Shine Your Light."

The year prior, he advised T-Pain to incorporate more EDM and pop into his music to reach new fans. His prescience was spot on considering the fact that today's biggest contemporary artists have crossed over into dance music, like Megan Thee Stallion, Beyoncé and Drake.

The first single to appear on Akonic, "Enjoy That," is out now.


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