The Last Airbender’s Sweetest Theory Predicts What the Next Avatar Will Look Like

Avatar: The Last Airbender is widely regarded as a modern masterpiece with an intricate universe. Those unfamiliar with the story are quickly hooked by its impressive array of powerful characters, the changes that they go through as the series progresses, and the complex diplomatic relationships that they are forced to navigate through. The Four Nations, which contain citizens who can manipulate the elements of their respective nations, are usually guided by the Avatar who brings balance and peace by being able to connect to all four elements and nations. After the mysterious absence of the Avatar for 100 years, the young Airbender Aang is the first person to hold the title in a long time. His successor, the Waterbender Korra, is the last person to be seen as the Avatar.

So who is next? Since the announcement of Avatar Studios and the promise of new series based in the Avatar universe, fans are dying to know. Still, an Avatar is usually reincarnated into a different person once they die, following the order of fire, air, water, and earth. Knowing this, it can be concluded that the next Avatar will be an Earthbender. But what will they look like? Reddit user u/RazerAds_510 proposes that a Japanese legend may affect how the next Avatar looks. This bittersweet legend allegedly states that the present face one holds is the face of the person they loved in their past life. Knowing this, the new Avatar may look very similar to the beautiful Fire Nation engineer Asami.

In the final moments of the spin-off TV series Legend of Korra, Asami and Korra are seen holding hands while entering the portal to the spirit world to start their life together. It is later confirmed in the comics that they share their first kiss before coming back from the Spirit World. Following the formula of the legend means that the next Avatar will look very similar to Korra's love Asami.

As pictured in the Reddit post, there are side by side comparison photos of Katara and Korra, Avatar Kuruk's lover Ummi and Avatar Kyoshi, and Aang and Roku's wife Ta Min. The latter is especially ear-raising, considering the similar noses, face shape, and how the Fire Nation-born Ta Min uncommonly has grey eyes like Aang. Interestingly, Tai Lee is also a grey-eyed Fire Nation citizen and is often mistaken for an Airbender as a result. Still, many users argue that this similarity can be chalked up to the consistency of art style and nothing more. Nonetheless, their resemblance and the resemblance of the others compared are quite uncanny.

Reincarnation is a huge part of the Avatar universe, but does this heartfelt Japanese legend actually exist in real life? One Tumblr user, 'researcherposts', who seems to be associated with the Japanese Folklore Research Center, states matter-of-factly that it does not exist. There are also no reliable sources that have revealed the true origins of this supposed Japanese legend, so it may be a fabrication created to elevate the Avatar theory itself. Nonetheless, it is in line with the Avatar universe's lore and although it may not exist in real life, it very well could exist within the universe of Avatar.

Whether it be a wholesome myth or made-up, it is something to take into consideration as fans eagerly wait for the future of the franchise. This question will be answered when Avatar Studios makes the long-awaited official announcement of a new series, which could come closer than one might think. Avatar: The Last Airbender and Legend of Korra can currently be streamed on Netflix.

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