Boruto Recreated Kakashi’s Most Iconic Team 7 Moment – and Made It Better

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 227, "Team 7's Last Mission?!," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

One of Kakashi's most iconic moments in the Naruto franchise was the photo he took with Team 7. It was something teachers -- from Hokages like Minato to Hiruzen Sarutobi -- did once their students graduated, with others even getting involved for the sake of unity and to build camaraderie. Now in Episode 227 of the Boruto anime, Kakashi's picture with his charges gets recreated, but it's made better due to one key factor: togetherness.

This occurred when Team 7 got back from a mountain village outside of Konoha, having rescued Konohamaru and saved a ton of innocents from terrorists. After rebuilding, they came back to the Hidden Leaf for Sarada's graduation filled with passion and inspiration. Boruto and Mitsuki flunked the Chūnin Exams, but they're glad she's advancing as a shinobi, which has Konohamaru proud for all their hard work.

Team 7 snaps their picture as Boruto homages Kakashi's photo in Naruto

There was no jealousy or rivalry -- it's all love and unity, not to mention he also had to be taught a lesson by the teens, seeing how far they've come. Konohamaru wasn't coping well with the change that Sarada would take over as leader, ergo why he took the mountain village mission, but he has finally accepted that the kids must evolve away from being under his wing.

Ironically, as they try to snap the pic in the field upon returning home, the camera falls in a comedic moment, making it seem like the photo wasn't taken. But as the episode ends and we see Sarada suiting up and leaving, excitedly as Sasuke and Sakura look on, there's a shot of the photo on her window sill. It shows Team 7 in harmony, which upgrades the pic Kakashi took with his crew decades before in Naruto.

In the previous generation's photo, Kakashi had to deal with a scowling Naruto and sulking Sasuke, who absolutely hated each other. Naruto didn't like how talented Sasuke was, or how Sakura loved Sasuke, while Sasuke was just anti-social to everyone. It left Kakashi trying to temper both guys a lot, working hard to inculcate maturity into them. Even Sakura with her obsession and teen crush lost sight of the mission, and as Konohamaru is seen rubbing his boys' heads in Boruto, it's clear he got the better roster.

Boruto and Mitsuki respect and want to help each other improve to protect Konoha, unlike Sasuke and Naruto who were mean all the time. As for Sarada, she's more reassured than her mom, wanting to be Hokage herself someday, which adds a special flair to what Konohamaru has done. His team's simply a better balance of style and substance, but nonetheless, he and Kakashi did feel the same thing -- joy in seeing their kids making strides to greatness.

Denki Kaminarimon in Boruto Episode 226
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