The Infamous “Gurning Rave Guy” Has Been Immortalized as an Action Figure

Imagine having your night out immortalized forever in figurine form.

Shaun Jackson likely didn't expect to become a rave icon when he first appeared in a promo for Rumes, a U.K. nightclub, back in 2014. The video, titled "Bounce by the Ounce," famously featured Jackson tearing it up in the club with a clenched jaw, laser-like focus and frenetic dancing.

Jackson's moves carried the original video to nearly 9 million views and spawned various spinoffs and spoofs in its wake, according to Know Your Meme.

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Jackson would go on to achieve the peaks of internet fame as "Gurning rave guy" or "Bounce by the Ounce Crazy Guy," distinctions which have recently led to him being eternalized as an action figure.

According to LADbible, the idea was a collaborative one between Justin Turner and Joe of Joe Shark Sandwich Toys. Turner tracked down Jackson, who cosigned the effort, and within three weeks an action figure was in hand.

The "Gurning Rave Guy" action figure.

The "Gurning Rave Guy" action figure.

This holiday season, you too will have the opportunity to remind your friends of the nights you partied hardy when this limited edition figurine hits stores on December 2nd.

The product will debut at the Raindance and Just-In Time Presents The Winter Series event, where Jackson himself is said to be attending and will sign merchandise. Everyone else can purchase one of the figurines here.