The Helpful Fox Senko-San: What We’d Love to See in a Season 2

The Helpful Fox Senko-san stars the titular character Senko, an 800-year-old fox demigod (commonly referred to as "kitsune") who oversees the health and happiness of humans alongside two other fox-like women. On command, she leaves the spirit world and vows to pamper Kuroto Nakano, an average salaryman who lives an overworked and underpaid lifestyle.

Nakano is burdened by his daunting tasks and has unknowingly become surrounded by a threatening aura of darkness and negativity. As is the duty of kitsunes, Senko plans to ease the strain and act as Nakano's housewife, mother and guardian all at once. At first, Nakano is understandably apprehensive upon her arrival, but as the series develops, so does their unusual relationship.

How Did The Helpful Fox Senko-san Season 1 End?

senko from the helpful fox senko-san

Airing from April 2019 to June 2019 with 12 episodes, The Helpful Fox Senko-san (or Sewayaki Kitsune no Senko-san in Japanese) touched the hearts of its viewers with fantasy elements and feel-good comedy. Episode 12, titled "Still..." brings Senko and Nakano's relationship to a satisfying end when Nakano shows considerable signs of improvement.

In the spirit world, fellow kitsune and self-proclaimed "boss" Lady Sora informs Senko that she is no longer needed. Nakano has successfully retained his dark aura for a considerable length of time, and Senko is therefore advised to quit her caretaking duties. Senko recalls a flashback to Kuroto's ancestor helping her in a time of need and subsequently feels indebted to him, but Lady Sora reminds her that humans are not immortal and that she will eventually suffer heartbreak with Kuroto.

Despite this, Senko returns to Earth and vows to continue pampering Nakano; she prepares a picnic feast underneath the cherry blossom trees, and Nakano thanks her for watching over him since childhood. During the end credits, Suzu, Senko's inferior and presumptive protégé, makes an appearance with Lady Sora in the spirit world. She seems to closely resemble Senko but is not seen prior to the end credits, leaving viewers to ponder her purpose.

What Do We Want From A (Potential) The Helpful Fox Senko-san Season 2?


It goes without saying that introducing a new character should automatically lead on to another season, but the plot would need to deviate slightly for the addition to work. Senko and Kuroto are living together contently, presumably in some undefined relationship, but are more than just carer and patient. Some speculation has arisen in regard to Suzu, who many viewers have assumed is Senko and Kuroto's daughter, although she could also be simply another of Lady Sora's kitsune disciples. Either way, her role remains a mystery.

As for Lady Sora, she seems to have some malicious, power-hungry intent hidden beneath her faux kindness, which is particularly evident in how she treats Shiro for disobeying her. She has the groundwork laid to become the main antagonist, which would certainly throw a spanner in the works. Even Shiro greatly enjoys the superiority that she holds over humans, which indicates there could be more to these fox demigods than just beauty and fluffy tails.

Moreover, The Helpful Fox Senko-san has revealed barely any details as to the kitsune demigods' origins. We see brief snippets of Senko, Shiro and Lady Sora wielding their magical wisps respectively, but the extent of their abilities is yet to be seen. As the majority of the series is set on Earth, viewers only see glimpses of the spirit world, which leaves more to be desired in that respect as well. Some backstory for each of the demigods would make for fascinating insight, as well as adding some depth to these established characters.

Some interactions suggest romantic interest between the two protagonists. In the final scene, Kuroto invites Senko to "stick together" in the foreseeable future. Senko agrees. If Lady Sora's warning becomes reality, Senko will lose Kuroto forever, but perhaps this is precisely the kind of sadistic torment that a dictating demigod would want. At the time of writing, the series has yet to be renewed, so while nothing is certain, we can make our predictions.

The first 12 episodes of The Helpful Fox Senko-san are available to stream for free with ads on Crunchyroll and on Funimation.

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