Star Wars: Visions Introduces an Emo Hutt – and He Rocks

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions Episode 2, "Tatooine Rhapsody," streaming now on Disney+.

One of the most intriguing prospects of Star Wars: Visions was that we wouldn't just get to see new characters, but classic ones interacting with them, like Jabba and Boba Fett. It added a layer of canon to the series, which is still admittedly out of continuity for now. However, in this same episode, "Tatooine Rhapsody," we discover there's someone connected to Jabba the Hutt, but it turns out this rock-loving, emo member of his clan doesn't want to follow his evil empire.

At first, it's a bit weird to find baby Boba coming to a seedy bar to apprehend Jay and Co. who play in Star Waver. However, he quickly makes it clear in the brawl that Geezer, the bassist Hutt, means a lot to him as there's a huge bounty out.

It turns out that Geezer refused to join Jabba's syndicate and from Boba's words, the boss is pissed. It's never confirmed if Geezer is blood-related or not, but one thing's for sure -- Jabba considers him part of the family and wants him in the mafia.

Sadly, the flame-throwing Geezer and the rest of the band can't stop Boba from kidnapping Geezer, making it clear he's going to be executed in Jabba's arena. Jay, though, can't let this happen because Geezer's more than a friend to him. He tears up as the team seems resigned to losing their buddy, making it clear how invaluable Geezer is. There's even a nostalgic moment with Jay playing a recording of their first gig and Geezer adamant they'd succeed in the galaxy.

This faith, belief and brotherhood inspires Jay as it turns out he's a Padawan who fled Order 66 and is now left with a broken lightsaber. The boisterous Geezer took him in, however, giving him that sense of worth and family, offering hope in a dark, broken cosmos.

Jabba the Hutt appears in Star Wars: Visions

It leads to them turning themselves in to Jabba, wanting to play one last show for the crowd with Geezer. Jay's adamant they can rock the socks off the place so he can go out in a blaze of glory, which leads to a jam fans of Paramore, My Chemical Romance and the pop-punk/emo genre would enjoy.

Given that Geezer has that full-haired emo hairstyle too, well, it's even sweeter as his rumbling bass and galloping thumps even inspire Boba and Bib Fortuna to bob along. Luckily, Jabba opts not to execute Geezer and seemingly endorses the band, becoming a sponsor as they play an encore. It leaves us curious how successful they ended up being and if Geezer did indeed mend bridges with the don after initially spurning that business offer Hutts usually can't refuse.

To see Geezer resist the Hutt cause and rock out, Star Wars: Visions is available to stream now on Disney+.

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