The Godfather, Sketchbook and Other Films & TV Shows on Disney+ & Paramount+ This Weekend

May is right around the corner, and as Paramount+ and Disney+ are preparing for new releases, there's no better time to take a last look at April's library of content. With iconic crime thrillers, informative documentaries and new releases from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, these are the best watches on Paramount+ and Disney+ this weekend.

The Godfather Proves Mob Dramas Are Wildly Entertaining

Paramount+ may be a newer streaming platform, but the service is undoubtedly gaining traction with the addition of cinematic classics such as The Godfather to its growing library. Starring acting legends Al Pacino and Marlon Brando, The Godfather follows the infamous Corleone family, led by Don Vito Corleone and his son Michael Corleone as he's unwillingly pulled deeper into the family business of organized crime and the violence that ensues.

The Offer Sheds Light on the Making of a Timeless Classic

There's no better way to appreciate iconic movies like The Godfather than a Paramount+ original series centering around the making of the crime thriller that took the world by storm. With Dan Fogler as Francis Ford Coppola, The Offer recounts the chaotic tales, obstacles and inspirations that culminated in the masterpiece beloved by generations of filmgoers. Containing story elements that seem too out there to be true, The Offer is a docudrama essential for fans of the Godfather trilogy.

Sketchbook Showcases the Creative Journey of Legendary Animators

Though Disney has become a powerhouse in nearly all forms of digital entertainment, every Disney enthusiast can agree Disney's hallmark achievements fall in the category of animation. The minds behind these incredible pieces of work often get overlooked, but this Disney+ original series finally gives the spotlight to some of Disney's most talented animators.

Sketchbook centers on six Disney animators as they walk the viewer through the steps it takes to create some of the most iconic Disney characters, including Olaf, Kuzco, the Genie and Captain Hook. As the animators bring the characters to life, they discuss their creative journey and the steps they took to become animators for the most famous studio in the world.

Moon Knight Episode 5 Takes a Psychological Deep Dive

With Phase Four of the MCU well underway, Marvel Studios has turned to the small screen to flesh out familiar heroes and introduce new characters through Disney+ original shows. Most recently, Marvel has introduced a long-awaited fan favorite in the form of Moon Knight. Oscar Isaac plays timid gift shop employee Steven Grant, who shares a body with hardened mercenary Marc Spector. Together, with power from the Egyptian god Khonsu, they fight evil as Moon Knight. This week, Episode 5 explores the psychology behind Marc and Steven's shared experiences and gears up for what looks to be a mind-bending finale.

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