The Boruto Anime Should Make Sasuke Sarada’s Permanent Mentor

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 167, "Their Decision," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

The Boruto anime hasn't been kind to Team 7 lately, with Deepa teaching them a very painful lesson. The young Konoha ninjas may have gotten a little too cocky after recent missions, but Deepa brutally beats them down outside the Land of Silence, escaping with the Hashirama Cell.

It took Mitsuki going into Sage Mode to save Boruto and Sarada, but he's now in Orochimaru's lair clinging to dear life as his body was exhausted. This led to Boruto seeking out Kakashi to be his new mentor and Sarada enlisting with a very familiar face. In Sarada's case, this person should be her permanent teacher: Sasuke.

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This is not just because Sasuke's her dad, but due to the nature of their abilities. The Uchiha Clan derives most of their power from their Sharingan, a unique eye mutation, that no one else has. Even after people like Kakashi or Danzo got eyes transplanted, they still couldn't harness the full spectrum of abilities the way we've seen with Sasuke, his older brother Itachi, Obito, Madara and even Shisui.

Admittedly, while Sarada is learning other arts of war from Konohamaru, he's better suited for training Boruto. Sarada can still work under a revolving door of teachers, but her case is unique and she needs special attention. The advantage Sasuke had as a kid was Kakashi got an eye from Obito so he could have taught him about his Sharingan, the various manifestations and the power level each would put him at. Had he a full-fledged Uchiha teaching him, he'd have unlocked much more and at a younger age. It's safe to say if Sasuke works on Sarada's development, she'll evolve faster. It goes back to the old days where Uchiha users primarily mentored each other, and while it kept them segregated and made them outcasts, it was understood as no one knew how to harness their skill.

With Sarada aspiring to be a great soldier and eventually the Hokage, Sasuke should take the wheel more, especially after she struggled to use the eye to read Deepa. If she wants to reach that elite level, Sasuke has to tutor her more frequently. With Sarada joining him on his Ranger duties, it'll make her better and strengthen their bond. It honestly feels like she's being held back and not living up to potential, so this will also shape her as a more interesting character rather than being Boruto's support.

Sasuke could seriously help Sarada on her journey. She could learn more about the Uchiha clan, why Itachi killed them for the sake of the village, and why Sasuke broke bad and redeemed himself. It'd be a proper education, allowing her to fulfill Madara's dreams and even her dad's teenage aspirations. Because with this mix of experience, theory and action in the field, Sarada would be perfect to become a Hokage, making history as the first Uchiha to do so.

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