One-Punch Man: A Key S-Class Hero Joins the Fight Against Psychos

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One-Punch Man Chapter 132.1, by ONE, Yusuke Murata, John Werry, James Gaubatz, available now in English from Viz Media.

Tatsumaki/Terrible Tornado's battle against Psychos -- the secret leader of the Monster Association -- has heated up more and more each issue, with the two combatants consistently revealing new, powerful abilities. Tornado's latest power-up, which resulted from finally being able to move those she'd bubbled out of harm's way -- came about with some aid from Genos. As a result of that boost, Psychos found herself gravely outmatched by Tornado. However, Psychos still has some tricks up her sleeve, and in One-Punch Man Chapter 132.1, Tornado requires some help from Drive Knight to continue fighting the villain.

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Drive Knight returns in One-Punch Man Chapter 132.1.

At the start of One-Punch Man Chapter 132.1, the barriers around Tornado's allies fade, as the S-Class hero's psychic waves get disrupted. While the exact reason for the disruption is unknown, Tornado speculates it might be a result of using too much power. Psychos uses this opportunity to turn into a jet and take off to drain life from the rest of the city, sending her energy in multiple ways so as to distract Tornado. However, Tornado responds by putting a forcefield around the battlefield to keep the villain inside. As their fight continues, Drive Knight arrives on the scene, vowing to "subdue and obtain a sample" of Psychos.

It's not totally clear right now, but it's likely having to erect a forcefield has weakened Tornado in some way, as using that same ability to bubble others meant she couldn't operate at peak capacity. Thus, Drive Knight -- who on many occasions has proven himself one of the finest S-Class heroes -- is likely to come in useful during this battle against Psychos.

Plus, it's entirely possible he'll use his penchant for learning and evolving to figure out just what's going on with Psychos' physiology. The villain is certainly more powerful than she should be, and she's claimed that's the result of getting a power-up from the same divine entity that made Homeless Emperor so formidable. While Psychos seems unlikely to last much longer, there are certainly some larger mysteries to uncover about just what's going on in One-Punch Man, and Drive Knight is just the one to unlock them.

The next chapter of One-Punch Man releases on Oct. 7 from Viz Media.

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