The 5 Best Exclusive Anime on HIDIVE – and What Makes Them Great

When it comes to streaming anime, viewers tend to stick to the more mainstream platforms. Though there are tons of titles on dedicated anime streaming services like Crunchyroll and Funimation -- as well as platforms like Netflix, Hulu and even Prime Video -- these aren't the only sources for great anime. HIDIVE has a wide array of choices across multiple genres from yesteryear to more recent series, many of which are exclusive to the platform.

From classic space operas and maid harems to human interest stories and mecha extravaganzas, there's something for everyone on HIDIVE. Here's a look at some of the best anime found on the streaming platform, and what makes each worth checking out.

Legend of the Galactic Heroes

legends of the galactic hero

One of the most acclaimed space opera and sci-fi anime is Legend of the Galactic Heroes. Based on a series of novels from Yoshiki Tanaka, the series' second anime adaptation was its longest and most remembered. The story deals with the intense political and military rivalry between the dictatorial Galactic Empire and the Free Planets Alliance that their actions give rise to. Representing this conflict best are the two sides' leaders, Reinhard von Musel and Yang Wen Li, as well as the various other people caught in the crossfires of war.

Much like the popular mecha series Gundam, the series shows the harsh realities of what constant conflict does to people. Neither side is shown as being the explicit villain or hero, and innocents on both sides have their lives disrupted or lost due to the ongoing war. Legend of the Galactic Heroes is a surefire classic for those wanting a deep intergalactic war story, and with over 100 episodes to watch, there's plenty of material.

The Big O

Though the manga began only a few months before its anime aired, The Big O is best known for its stylish television adaptation, especially for those who caught it on Adult Swim. A slick and stylish combo of mecha, mystery and film noir, The Big O is essentially if Batman had a giant robot.

The story is set in the enigmatic Paradigm City, a veritable police state wherein many of its citizens have completely forgotten the events of their past. The city is also home to gigantic "Megadeus" robots that wreak havoc and have some connection to what happened before. Whenever these mechs cause trouble, playboy "Negotiator" Roger Smith is there to stop them with his own robot, the Big O. Those who want incredible robot action, moody noir setpieces and an all-around classic show will surely enjoy The Big O on HIDIVE.

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite

Hanaukyo Maid Team: La Verite is a 2004 remake of a preceding 2001 anime, itself an adaptation of the manga from Morishige. Created at a time when maids and harem anime weren't quite yet ubiquitous, the series is a great example of how both tropes can be done well.

The protagonist is Hanaukyo Taro, a boy who suddenly inherits his family's massive estate. Coming along with this abode is a veritable army of "maids," though they do a lot more than simply keep a clean house. These maids all have their own skills, talents, hobbies and incredibly peculiar personalities, with their side projects all pitching in to keep the Hanaukyo house in good financial standing.

These character idiosyncrasies help make Hanaukyo Maid Team stand out among the sea of competitors new and old, and those who saw the original version might also be interested in seeing some of the same scenarios reimagined with new gags.

Human Crossing

human crossing

A much more slice-of-life series on this HIDIVE list is the fittingly named Human Crossing. The story follows several different characters in an anthology-type narrative, giving viewers a peek into their everyday lives. Said lives can be quite exciting, but they're just as often harrowing and heartbreaking.

Everything about Human Crossing is realistic, from the animation, designs and setpieces to the reactions, emotions and situations the characters are thrust into. This makes it a great, albeit sometimes dark series for those wanting a bit more realism.

Armored Trooper VOTOMS

Armed Trooper VOTOMS takes realistic, hard science mecha storytelling to the next level. The story centers around the waning conflict between two nations, with war driven mainly by the powerful but volatile mecha weapons known as VOTOMS. The pilots of these weapons are called Bottoms, who are known to not survive their hazardous conditions. One of these pilots is Chirico Cuvie, who becomes involved with a spy mission on his own side. This leads to the series' ongoing conflict, seeing him hunted down across multiple locations by just as many different factions.

The action and mecha elements in Armed Trooper VOTOMS are much more realistic than many might expect, with numerous twists and turns throughout the plot. It's perfect not only for mecha and sci-fi fans, but also those who want to get swept up in the story of multiple sides at war with each other on both a small and grand scale.

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