Evangelion, Resident Evil Highlight Kengan Ashura Artist’s 2021 Wrap-Up Art

Manga illustrator Daromeon has released a new piece of art that highlights Evangelion, Invincible, Resident Evil and many of the other pop-culture hits that served to make 2021 a little more tolerable.

The artist posted the colorful and detail-packed illustration to their personal Twitter account. The art work features characters from several of the biggest anime and manga hits of the year, including Yuji Itadori from Jujutsu Kaisen, Japan's best-selling manga of the year, and Asuka and Mari in their new plug suits from Evangelion 3.0 + 1.01: Thrice Upon A Time, which was Japan's highest grossing movie of 2021. Characters from the cult hits Pui Pui Molcar and Uma Musume: Pretty Derby are also featured in the center of the piece. Pui Pui Molcar is a childrens' stop-motion animated series that became a surprise hit for Netflix when it premiered in early 2021, and Uma Musume is a multimedia franchise about literal horse girls, which was recently featured in a promotion with Universal Studio's Top Gun Maverick. Also featured are Berserk and Golgo 13, two long-running manga series whose creators, Kentaro Miura and Takao Saito respectively, tragically passed away during the last year.

In addition to all the anime references, Daromeon's work also features many of the biggest video games, movies and TV shows of the year. Capcom's Resident Evil 8 and Monster Hunter Rise are both highlighted with appearances from those games' most memorable monsters, along with the king of monsters himself, Godzilla, who is shown with two of his rivals, King Kong and the anime version of Jet Jaguar. Other video game characters included in the celebration are Guilty Gear Strive's flexible Jack-O and Kindom Hearts' Sora, who was finally added to Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. Ultimate as that game's final DLC character.

A number of non-Japanese properties are also highlighted, including Robert Kirkman, Cory Walker, and Ryan Ottley's Invincible, which premiered its critically acclaimed animated adaptation on Prime Video in 2021. The international phenomenon Squid Game is also featured. The South Korean thriller was one of Netflix's most streamed shows of the year.

Daromeon is best known for their work on Kengan Ashura, which was written by Yabako Sandrovich and ran from 2012 - 2018. The series told the story of an underground society where modern day gladiators battle in unarmed fights funded by wealthy businessmen. Sandrovich and Daromeon's manga was adapted into a 2019 anime series helmed by Assassination Classroom director Seiji Kishi. The anime received two 12-episode seasons, both of which are available for streaming on Netflix. The original manga is available in English from publisher Comikey.

Source: Twitter

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