The 10 Most Powerful Teleporters In The Marvel Universe, Ranked

The Marvel universe is home to a wide array of incredible characters, all with a wide variety of incredible powers. However, some of these awesome abilities often go unnoticed, or are even underappreciated to a certain degree.

While a lot of Marvel characters can teleport, many of them are capable of far more beyond just that. Likewise, there are several characters out there who are so powerful, that some readers may not even realize that they can teleport. Looking at some of these characters in particular, here is our list of the 10 most powerful teleporters in the Marvel universe.

10 Nightcrawler

As one of the most famous of Marvel’s teleporters, Kurt Wagner has made quite the impact on the Marvel universe as a distinguished member of the X-Men. For years Kurt has fought valiantly, even giving his life at more than one point for his team.

After years of being dead, Kurt eventually made his way back to the land of the living, and has once again resumed his role as an X-Man. However, while he may be most known for his teleportation abilities, Kurt also has many other powers, including enhanced reflexes, night vision and full control over his tail. While he may not be the most powerful teleporter around, Kurt is certainly one of the most dangerous, continually proving his worth as a member of the X-Men as well as his great ability to be a hero.

9 Blink


While Nightcrawler may have the advantage of physical skill, Blink is definitely the more powerful teleporter between them. Like Nightcrawler himself, Blink’s physical appearance is radically different from that of a human’s and her teleportation abilities have made her a valued member of the X-Men for years.

However, Blink has the unique ability to displace particles from her portals effectively launching projectiles from the rifts that she opens. Because of this, Blink takes her abilities one step further by using them as an offensive tactic, rather than just a means of getting around. Though Kurt may be the more skilled fighter of the two, Blink’s abilities definitely outrank his.

8 Cloak

Thanks to his ties to the Darkforce Dimension, Cloak is actually far more powerful than people give him credit for. At one point, he even teleported an insane number of Marvel heroes all at once before they all died in an explosion, showing just how powerful the hero can really be.

Likewise, the Darkforce Dimension itself has the potential to drive people insane, and can provide a quick and easy escape for Cloak and Dagger if things get too bad. While he may not seem like much sometimes, Cloak is definitely one of the more powerful teleporters within the Marvel universe, and is certainly not to be underestimated.

7 Gateway

Gateway Portal

Very little is actually known about Gateway as a character, but he is certainly one of the most powerful teleporters ever imagined within the Marvel universe. Not only can he teleport large groups of people extremely long distances, but he can also teleport to completely different dimensions, and even through time.

Though he isn’t seen terribly often, the indigenous character has easily proven to be an incredibly powerful teleporter. Hopefully, given his recent resurrection as part of the Dawn of X event, Gateway will get the chance to really show what he is capable of.

6 Lockjaw

As one of the most trusted associates of the Inhuman royal Family, Lockjaw is surprisingly one of the most powerful teleporters in the universe. While teleportation is his primary ability though, he also has many others that help him to rank a bit higher. On top of being able to teleport from one physical location to another, Lockjaw can also travel between dimensions, similarly to Gateway.

However, the character can also chew through virtually anything, including inorganic matter, and can even track things across dimensions based on their scent alone. Though he may not be the most powerful teleporter around, Lockjaw still has plenty of other skills that make him a force to be reckoned with.

5 Mephisto

As a demon, Mephisto has proven to be quite a powerful villain throughout the Marvel universe. However, teleportation isn’t exactly one of the character’s inherent powers. As one of the more powerful magic users in the universe, Mephisto uses magic to manipulate the world around him, using it as a means of teleporting without actually possessing the ability to do so.

Therefore, if someone took away his ability to conduct magic, Mephisto would no longer be able to teleport. Unfortunately, thanks to his understanding of the mystic forces, Mephisto is easily one of the most powerful teleporters around, and arguably one of the most powerful Marvel characters as well.

4 Magik

On top of her own mutant ability to teleport, Magik is also an incredibly powerful sorceress. With all of her abilities combined as well as her tendency to use dark magic, the character is actually one of the more brutal members of the X-Men around.

Over time, Illyana has also grown more powerful, getting a better hold of her abilities while also stretching their limits. Because of this, she is actually one of the more frightening Marvel heroes, especially considering everything she can do. Thankfully, she generally operates as a hero within the universe, though her talents often go unrecognized.

3 Wiccan

Similarly to Scarlet Witch, Wiccan has the ability to alter reality, although he has shown the potential to be even more powerful than even she is. Because of this, Wiccan has a plethora of other abilities at his disposal, giving him practically unlimited power.

Furthermore, Wiccan also has a vast understanding of the mystic arts, and was even shown to be the Sorcerer Supreme of the future at one point. Given his younger age, the character still has a lot of growing up to do, meaning that he can also become far more powerful than he currently is. With this in mind, it is easy to see why he ranks so high on this list.

2 Legion

X-Man Legion hybird header Uncanny X-Men

Given the unique nature of his powers, as well as his multiple personalities, Legion is easily one of the most powerful Marvel characters around. Granted, only certain personalities of his are capable of teleporting, meaning that the character does have some limits depending on the dominant personality at the time.

However, given the many other powers that he possesses, Legion is certainly capable of a lot more than just mere teleportation. Theoretically, he could find himself in the number one spot on this list. However, his lack of access and unpredictability is what lands him in the number two spot, despite his overall potential.

1 Dr. Strange

As the Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Strange is capable of all sorts of possibilities. Essentially, if there is a spell for it, he is capable of casting it, giving him virtually unlimited power. Of course, one of these powers is teleportation, which the Doctor has used to travel across space and between dimensions.

Furthermore, his ability to move freely between spaces hardly matches up to everything else he is capable of doing. As one of the most powerful characters in the Marvel universe, it is definitely a good thing that Dr. Strange is a hero. Likewise, with a (generally) firm grasp on his abilities, the Sorcerer Supreme finds himself safely in the number one spot.