My Hero Academia: 10 Things From The Manga That We Can’t Wait To See Animated

My Hero Academia did it again by releasing another knockout hit of a season, one of the many that it's released since the story began in 2014. And while the recent anime just finished, fans already can't wait for Season 5. The My Hero Academia story goes on in the manga, and it's been on a roll of great stories jam-packed with action, emotion, and plenty of reveals.

And while one can't recommend reading the manga enough, some scenes were just made to be animated one day. This list will be going over just a few of the most tantalizing moments to come for the My Hero Academia anime.

10 Black Whip

One for All has already presented plenty of new opportunities and challenges for Deku in the past, but anime-only fans have much more awaiting them in the future. In addition to having the bone-breaking strength that he still struggles with, a mysterious night is going to bring him a new power.

The Sports Festival teased that Deku could see the past users for One for All; but right before the Joint Training Arc, Deku would actually get meet one of them in his dreams, Daigoro Banjo. It's a surreal and nostalgic event that only teased for more world-building to come; but even more important, this gave Deku a new Quirk, Black Whip, which now allows him to unleash whip-like strings similar to Spiderman's webs.

9 The Joint Training Battles

Speaking of the Joint Training Arc, there are plenty of amazing battles to come from that. With plenty of new experiences and abilities, Class 1-A is just primed to get some real, battle practice and who better to sharpen one's teeth with than their rivals, Class 1-B.

These battles are going to show off a variety of new abilities between Class 1-A as well as delve into some of the under-looked members of Class 1-B, including the very unique abilities of one Manga Fukidashi. Perhaps best of all, it puts a newly promoted Shinso into action and gives him plenty of screen time.

8 Toga's Backstory

While the Joint Training Arc is gonna be tons of fun, anime fans better prepare for that joy to be pulled right from under their feet. The Meta Liberation Army Arc not only provides a personal story arc for the League of Villains, but it also delves into some long-awaited backstories.

One of which includes the twisted origins of Himiko Toga. Confronted by a literal newscaster, Toga is forced to confront some of the less desirable elements of her upbringing and lashes out with some surprising results.

7 Shigaraki's Backstory

Toga's backstory alone is enough to get fans interested in the future of the anime, but it's far from being the most tantalizing origin story to come out of the arc. Tomura Shigaraki is one of the biggest mysteries of the series. He simply popped into the series leading a new villain organization and was revealed to be the successor to All for One.

However, what really bit the fans was learning that Shigaraki was actually related to All Might's own mentor, Nana Shimura. Shigaraki's backstory delves into how Nana's life may have affected her family's and even delves into the tragic day where Shigaraki first gets his Quirk.

6 Twice's Sad Man's Parade

Jin Bubaigawara's backstory may have been revealed long ago, but that doesn't mean he can't get some love in the upcoming story arcs or whatever twisted definition of love that someone like him wants. With Kurogiri being long gone, Twice quickly became the most valued member of the League of Villains.

Not only could he replicate some clones of himself, but he could also create clones for his team members, Quirk and all. When the Meta Liberation Army began to close in on him and his deep-seated insecurities of whether or not he is the original Bubaigawara, he unlocks the max potential of his Quirk and summons the overwhelming and melancholic Sad Man's Parade.

5 Shigaraki VS. Re-Destro

There are plenty of reveals awaiting anime fans in the upcoming seasons, but what's really bolstered the series to the community was its masterclass display of battles. My Hero Academia is a battle shonen after all and some of its most iconic scenes involve blood, sweat, and fists flying through the air.

Anime fans are still cooling off from Deku's bouts with Overhaul and Gentle Criminal, but they may very well go over the edge when they witness the shocking confrontation between two villains. Shigaraki finally gets to show his progress since his training began, and he's put against the charismatic leader of the Meta Liberation Army, Re-Destro.

4 The Heights Alliance Christmas Party

Stepping away from all the doom and gloom of the upcoming episodes, there are some cathartic and heartwarming moments awaiting fans. The mushiest one of all may perhaps be the Christmas Party at the Heights Alliance dormitory. The U.A. students have had a long year; and as this term closes, Christmas awaits.

There is plenty of slapstick and style potential to see in the anime adaptation, especially when it reveals some of Rikido's cooking. However, what fans are really looking forward to, especially when getting off from Season 4, is getting to see a healing Eri in an adorable Santa outfit. It may be cold outside, but hearts will melt.

3 Endeavor's Apology

While the Meta Liberation Arc is gonna have plenty of action and the Christmas Party is gonna have plenty of smiles, they don't quite define the entire My Hero Academia experience. That's where Endeavor really gets to shock fans as he brings in all the feels in another effort to make things up to his family.

Endeavor has a long history of abusing his family in an effort to create the perfect hero, and this, in turn, tore them apart. While fans may be divided in how they feel about Endeavor, he's gonna go all out in the future in trying to make amends with his family. In addition to seeing a significant character change for the man, fans will also get to see some new reveals for the Todoroki Family.

2 The Raid On The Paranormal Liberation Front

Getting back into some pure suspense and action, the anime will eventually reveal the full potential of the hero world. There have only been snippets of what the hero community can do as a whole; but when they catch wind of a joint effort between the League of Villains and the Meta Liberation Army, they bring in the big guns and hatch a tight plan to take them out in one fell swoop.

The choreography is enough to bring some new credibility to a hero world that's only appeared fun and silly to this point, and it's chock full of some mind-blowing reveals and battles.

1 Mirko's Rampage

The war on the Paranormal Liberation Front is teasing plenty of new opportunities for the story. But if there was a clear star early on, it would have to be the #5 Ranked Hero, Mirko. She was just revealed when the Hero Billboard Chart was updated, but that number just doesn't encapsulate how awesome this little lady really is.

Mirko's part of the raid may very well be the most important of the story if it isn't at least the cornerstone of all the action. She literally just burst in on the scene and just doesn't stop stomping and kicking. If anything deserves to be animated, it's gonna be the shards, dust, and blood that are about to fly through the air.