Techno Bear Interrupts Livestreamed DJ Set

A DJ has captured the bizarre moment a wild black bear interrupts his at-home DJ set as the animal appears to listen to the music before trying to open the door.

Jody Flemming, 50, was performing to a livestream at home in the mountains of Asheville, North Carolina, when a bear came sniffing around outside his door. The DJ continues to mix the decks unaware that a large bear is watching him, with just the door’s thin fly screen separating them.

After noticing a shadow Mr Flemming is seen turning around to open the door, believing a neighbour is standing there – only to discover the visitor is a bear. He calmly shoos the animal away and goes to get his phone to take a photo. At this point a car pulls up to his house and the bear makes an escape.

After being sure that the bear had gone the DJ continued the entirety of his set to his bemused fans.

Mr Flemming, who describes himself as a DJ, realtor, dad and good-time-lover, later shared the video of the incident to his Instagram, writing: ‘20,000 views in 24 hours. Crazy! #technobear.’