Boruto Confirms Koji Kashin’s Vessel Recovery Plan Makes NO Sense

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 185, "Tools," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In the Boruto anime, Kara is hitting desperation mode as it tries to recover the Vessel. Jigen didn't think anything could go wrong when transporting it for a military field test, only for the weapon to crash in Victor's airship just outside Konoha and go missing, leaving the terrorist group in a state of panic. Lead assassin Koji Kashin is on the job, but it's become obvious in Episode 185 that Koji's plan to retrieve the item has some serious flaws.

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Koji has dispatched Ao, a traitor who hates Konoha and the free shinobi world, to get the Vessel back. He gave Ao free rein to kill if need be, which sadly resulted in the death of Mugino. Ao interrogated Team 7 but underestimated them, and after having a cave brought down on him, he's now limping through the forest trying to find the heroes.

Instead, he meets Koji, who's condescending about the fight. The assassin expects Ao to recuperate ASAP and finish the job, as he didn't think the Hokage's son and junior ninjas would be troublesome. Ao then asks him what everyone's thinking -- why didn't Koji do the job himself? It's a natural question to ask, as Koji's an expert on a whole different power level. In fact, Koji may well be more powerful than all of Kara's Inner members combined.

Koji, however, claims this is a test of loyalty and emotions. That doesn't make a lot of sense; he shouldn't be testing Outer members right now. Even if he thinks Ao's a double agent that took the airship down, he's wasting time. The more Koji prolongs the search, the higher the chances are that Konoha's agents will find the Vessel. Had he done the job himself, he'd almost certainly be able to get it back faster.

It's odd that at a time when speed and discretion are needed, Koji wants to use a wild card like Ao and someone he might not be able to trust. Instead of keeping watch on Ao, he could simply be using this time to recover the item himself. If the likes of Team 7 confront him, he can fight them off far more successfully than Ao did.

With Koji on the case, the chances of prolonged fighting will be lower, meaning there's a higher probability the Vessel won't be collateral damage. Koji knows the Vessel best, so he shouldn't be handing off such a crucial job to Ao for the sake of a "test." This just makes Koji look incompetent.

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