Talentless Nana Will Do ANYTHING to Avoid Suspicion (Including More Murder)

WARNING: This article contains spoilers for Talentless Nana Episode 8, "Talented vs. Talentless Part 3," now streaming on Funimation.

After killing Yuuka, Nana realizes people keep dying around her is not a good look, so she needs a plan to clear the suspicions surrounding her. As she leaves the crime scene, she sees one of her classmates, the bully and poison user Habu Kirara, in the mountains and quickly kills her. While killing her, Nana sees an opportunity to create an alibi, so she quickly moves to set up her plan.

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Nana hides Habu’s body among the zombie corpses that Yuuka controlled in the previous episode. She then goes to school to ask Kyoya, Michiru, Moguo Iijima the fire starter and Seiya Kori the ice manipulator to go to the cliff where she killed Yuuka. Nana once said that the best lies are half-truths, so she tells the group about her encounter with Yuuka and her zombies, claiming Yuuka committed suicide after Nana revealed the truth about her and Shinji. Since Yuuka is dead, all the corpses she controlled are now rotting. Nana asks Moguo to burn all the corpses, including Habu’s body, destroying the evidence of her murder.

During the burning, Nana creates her alibi. The other gyaru bully Kaori Takanashi and Habu were previously fighting over some colored contact lenses that Habu took from Kaori without permission. Nana uses the contacts she finds on Habu as a tool to poison Kaori. While Nana is with the group burning bodies, she somehow uses Habu’s cellphone to send out a text message apologizing to Kaori for taking the contacts, so that Kaori will feel safe using the contacts and die from the poison. Since Habu is the poison user and just had a fight with Kaori, everyone will be suspicious of her instead of Nana for Kaori's death, and Habu’s disappearance after committing murder will also make sense.

However, since Kyoya’s suspicion towards Nana never waned, he immediately notices her strange activities. Before now, Kyoya’s biggest clue was still Nana's closeness to everyone who disappeared or died. However, Kyoya is short of 100% convinced because he still believes Nana can read minds, so he thinks she knows he's immortal and cannot understand why she would try to kill him before killing others. Kyoya is also unsure of Nana’s motivation for killing everyone. Most importantly, there's been no physical evidence connecting Nana to her crimes.

Nana keeps insisting that Kyoya check all the dead bodies before they are burned. Kyoya refuses but finds her insistence very odd. Nana also knows Kaori’s apartment window is broken, which proves she has entered Kaori’s apartment before they find Kaori dead. Kyoya notices Nana’s mind-reading power works way too randomly and conveniently, and the enemies of humanity only seem to appear when Nana needs them as a justification for why people are missing or dead.

Looking back on Nana’s previous strange behaviors, Kyoya is able to deduce almost everything Nana did prior to their confrontation. He even figures out that Habu is already dead and burned along with the zombies. Kyoya is sure that he will find a piece of definitive evidence proving Nana’s crimes: Habu’s cellphone. Based on his reasoning, someone must have used the phone to send the apology message to Kaori. Since Nana admitted to being in the mountains at the same time as Habu, she is the only person that can get ahold of Habu's cellphone and send the message. However, Nana will not have any opportunity to get rid of the cellphone under Kyoya’s watchful eyes after she sends out the text message. The cellphone will be the key to dismantling all of Nana’s lies.

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