Boruto’s God Tree Just BRUTALLY Killed the Series’ Most Twisted Villain

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Episode 175, "Beyond The Limits!" now streaming on Crunchyroll.

With the God Tree clone coming to life in the Boruto anime, Konohamaru is in major trouble as he also has to deal with Victor. The Kara medical chief is looking to sacrifice his staff so the tree can drain their chakra and produce fruit for him to transcend the human form.

As someone we thought was trying to save lives, this definitely shapes Victor as the series' most twisted villain because not only did he dupe all the other ninja villages, it seems he's perfected what Kaguya needed a whole war to do. However, in Episode 175, the God Tree makes a stunning move as its sentience grows and it takes Victor off the table.

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Konohamaru is badly damaged but he's resilient as ever. Victor's body, meanwhile, keeps regenerating -- apart from his severed leg -- leaving the Konoha ninja desperate. Outside of his grandfather, the Third Hokage, Hiruzen Sarutobi, he's never met someone who could harness all forms of chakra and change its nature (Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Lightning). But Victor channels all these energies to brutally beat him up... until Orochimaru intervenes.

Coincidentally, Orochimaru killed Hiruzen, his former master, but since then he's redeemed himself and is currently working under Naruto's watch. But after escaping his lair, he makes it clear he's not here to save Konohamaru -- he's here to retrieve the Hashirama Cell Victor stole from his lab. As the two battle, Victor realizes the legendary Sannin isn't to be messed with. They both deliver some crushing blows to each other but it's an even contest seeing as Orochimaru can regenerate as well.

Sensing the snake ninja's holding back, Victor rushes up the God Tree as he sees a flower opening up for what he thinks is the revered fruit. He's going to devour it early so he can fix his body and become immortal, but Orochimaru allows him to reach the top as he knows a double-cross is coming. Instead of the fruit, the tree sends its tentacles out and wraps Victor up to consume him.

He's shocked at what's happening, even as Orochimaru admits his DNA work was flawed: the fruit is only meant to be eaten by aliens like Ishhiki and Kaguya, not humanity. As a result, this clone tree is itself flawed but as unstable as it is, it'd never allow a human to co-opt it. As such, Victor's creation appears to be his death as it devours him like a Venus flytrap.

This tree should suck all his chakra out and kill him but there's a chance he might be alive because he appears in the manga as part of Kara's Inner Circle. However, the anime might change things up as he was similarly quickly killed off in the books. A change like this keeps things unpredictable, building up more suspense for when Kara eventually brings the war to Konoha.

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