Studio TRIGGER Characters, Ranked by Their Wild Fashion Game

Studio TRIGGER has never rested on its laurels. Every series it makes goes in a unique direction and pushes the boundaries of the medium. Thus, the studio has a slate of one-of-a-kind shows that appeal to many different tastes, and this desire to push boundaries is plainly displayed in its character's various outfits.

Studio TRIGGER characters rarely follow traditional fashion standards and often wear over-the-top outfits that would put Lady Gaga and Elton John to shame. From costumes that make the wearer look several sizes larger to skimpy costumes that leave little to the imagination, here are the wildest fashionistas in Studio TRIGGER history!

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6. Shiny Chariot - Little Witch Academia

Shiny Chariot

The world of Little Witch Academia is full of magic and fantastical beings. But one of the most fantastic things its the whole world is Shiny Chariot's outfit. While Ursula Callistis usually dresses like any other teacher, her stage persona of Shiny Chariot wears something more extravagant.

Wearing a tall white witch's hat and a white jacket, along with a blue skirt and tights, Shiny Chariot really is a sight to be seen, especially with the contrast between her red cape and hair. This whole outfit is topped off with a pair of ornate white boots, which feature pink and gold detailing. While this outfit is dazzling, it is still practical, and Shiny Chariot has the excuse of being a performer, so an impressive and highly memorable costume is a job requirement.

5. Lucia Fex - Promare


In the hot and fiery world of Promare, Lucia Fex puts herself at a disadvantage by leaving most of her skin exposed. She maintains a lot of the technology at Burning Rescue, and thus, her outfit is inspired by a traditional mad scientist with a bit of Hot Topic mixed in for good measure.

Lucia wears black and white sneakers, purple and black striped tights, a short checked skirt with a studded belt and a small black bikini top. On top of this, she wears a long white lab coat, goggles, a ventilator and plastic gloves. This mixture of punk and safety equipment only serves to draw your attention to how weird each element is and how totally at odds they are. But the outfit does fit Lucia's videogame-obsessed personality.

4. Yoshiharu Hisomu - Kiznaiver


One of the main characters of Kiznaiver, Yoshiharu looks like he's seen much better days. He wears a pair of sandals and tattered, cuffed black pants on his lower half. But the purple shirt he wears on his top half is utterly ruined, with the collar and cuffs having massive jagged tears running across them. Even the bottom of the top is fraying at an alarming rate.

Yoshiharu rounds this outfit out with bandages around his neck and fists. All of this, coupled with his pale skin and messy hair, makes him look slightly ghoulish. But it does fit his personality. Throughout the show, Yoshiharu is revealed to be a hardcore masochist, suggesting that this clothing damage is a side effect of his desire to feel pain. In fact, you could argue that the scuffs are like trophies that allow Yoshiharu to show off the pain he's been subjected to.

3. Gauma - SSSS.Dynazenon


The world of SSSS.Dynazenon features many unusual things, but Gauma's outfit might just be the oddest. The first thing that hits you is the palette, as his outfit is comprised of bright shades of blue, yellow and red. The blue comes from the pants and jacket that Gauma wears, the former of which is heavily damaged, making it look like he recently fell over. The blue coat also features red and yellow detailing, making it a bit of an eyesore.

This outfit is topped with faded yellow bandages. The ones wrapped around Gauma's wrists make sense. But Gauma also wears a load of bandages around his chest, where he has somehow layered them to create something that resembles a dirty crop top. However, as Gauma has a mysterious backstory, this outfit is very good at letting you know he isn't a regular guy.

2. Ragyō - Kill La Kill

Kill La Kill is full of weird outfits, to the point that this list could easily be populated entirely with characters from that show. However, even among this tight playing field, Ragyō stands out. Ragyō owns many dresses, and none of them disappoint. Her usual outfit consists of a deep-cut silver dress with metallic blue detailing and a massive feather boa that frames her shoulders. She also has white high heels, and her dress finishes with a ruffle that surrounds her ankles, giving her a unique shape. All of this white contrasts with the rainbow elements in her hair, making her look refined, dangerous and totally unforgettable.

But her final form is even more stunning. When she dons an outfit called Shinra-Kōketsu, she becomes a horned giant wearing a traditional wedding dress covered in rainbow eyes. This whole ensemble resembles a cross between an aggressive moth and Maleficent.

1. Nonon Jakuzure - Kill La Kill

While Ragyō's outfits are impressive, Nonon really is a trend-setter when it comes to utterly weird costumes. At first, she dresses like a strange marching band leader, with a powder-blue skirt and pink leggings, topped off with a large blue hat that features a giant skull. But, as Nonon grows in power, her outfits slowly become more ludicrous. Her powered-up forms give her giant shoulder-mounted speakers and an even taller hat.

Her final form, Symphony Regalia: Finale, is a revealing black number with a massive hat that features an equally gigantic skull. The shoulder-mounted speakers are now coffin-shaped and feature large red hearts. Nonon's chest and arms are covered in a form-hugging black top, and this material also forms a small pair of panties and some leggings, preserving her modesty and making her look even more dangerous. The best thing about Nonon's outfits is that they stick to a theme while also getting more ludicrous, showing that she really has the best fashion sense.

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