Crunchyroll, Gucci Team up for New Bananya Gear

Crunchyroll and Gucci are collaborating on a collection of high-end Bananya merchandise.

The Gucci Bananya collection includes women's T-shirts, sweatshirts, sneakers and jewelry. Ten items are currently on sale online, with additional items (including men's shoes, a fourth women's T-shirt and a second brooch) available in stores starting in May.

As cute as these banana-cats are, shoppers should be aware that this collection is as expensive as one would expect from Gucci. The cheapest item on the online store, a brooch of the Bananya Bunch, costs $450. The most expensive item, a pink hoodie featuring a picture of Tabby sleeping on top of Bananya, goes for $1,250. However, there is an option available for shoppers to pay in monthly installments.

Bananya is a short-form anime series from TMS Entertainment (AkiraLupin III) about cats who live inside of bananas. The first season is presented as a faux-nature documentary about their lives in a kitchen. The second season, titled Bananya and the Curious Bunch, is a prequel revealing what Bananya society was like on the creatures' home planet. Both seasons are streaming on Crunchyroll and available on Blu-ray from Discotek Media.

Source: Gucci

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