Star Wars: Visions’ Best Lightsaber Duels

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Star Wars: Visions, streaming now on Disney+.

In Star Wars: Visions, one of the most anticipated aspects of the series was the lightsaber duels. Sure, things like character designs, the anime aesthetic and such with these galactic stories piqued interest, but ultimately, the fights are what fans, old and new, usually gauge the franchise on.

With that in mind, let's break down the best lightsaber fights from Season 1.

Ronin vs. Bandit Leader in 'The Duel'

Ronin fights Bandit Leader in Star Wars: Visions

In the first episode, "The Duel," Ronin, a wandering samurai, has to fight off the Bandit Leader to protect a small village from genocide. While he unsheathes his yellow lightsaber, the villainess shocks fans by revealing an umbrella 'saber with several red Sith blades. It creates a fast-paced, dynamic fight that feels inspired by Darth Maul, with an energy also seen in GI Joe: Resolute's Snake Eyes and Storm Shadow.

As they use Force telekineses on each other as well, they end up on a log floating down a waterfall, evoking Anakin and Obi-Wan's battle on Mustafar. What makes this so dramatic is how Ronin eventually uses a statue with a lightsaber behind the gushing water to fake her out, impaling her from the back to show how well subterfuge works for someone who isn't a Jedi.

Karre vs. Am in 'The Twins'

Star Wars: Visions - The Twins

In "The Twins," Karre and Am are clones the Sith created for the Empire's mobile Death Star. In their Darth Vader-like suits, they're supposed to channel a kyber crystal into the blaster but it leads to a brawl on top the Destroyer when Karre steals the item, reneging on his Sith word. This duel is totally bonkers as it feels like The Matrix with both leaping around, ducking and dodging each other's blades.

They know each other's every move, culminating in a Rey-Kylo Ren sequence as they try to take the gem for themselves. It's complete with Am's suit ejecting multiple blades, Force lightning and an epic finale as Karre uses his blade to slice the ship in two, homaging the Admiral Holdo maneuver to damage the crystal too. It's high-octane, with a lot of personal intensity as the twins view their destinies so differently.

Kara & Juro vs. the Sith Acolytes in 'The Ninth Jedi'

Kara becomes a Jedi in Star Wars: Visions

"The Ninth Jedi" finds Kara, a Rey-like newbie, working with a master, Juro, to fight off Sith acolytes at a temple. The acolytes pretended to be Jedi to slaughter Juro, but seeing as they took Kara's dad, she becomes an acrobatic war-machine as her thirst for justice rises. She's flipping around like Yoda, integrating martial arts as well into her arsenal to stun the villains.

It comes to a head as she combines forces with Juro, who's cutting them down at lightning-fast speed as well. He even uses his telekinesis to help her out, dropping one of the acolytes into an energy pit to burn to protect Kara and ensure they have time to rebuild the Order.

T0-B1, the Future Jedi Knight, vs. the Inquisitor

In "T0-B1," the titular young bot is certainly one of the series' biggest underdogs. He dreams of becoming a Jedi, but accidentally brings an Inquisitor to his planet to kill his maker. He hides out, eventually growing into a war-ready bot that harnesses the kyber crystal within to make his own lightsaber.

T0-B1 even connects with his master's Jedi spirit, evolving to become a true warrior. This creates an emotional fight when the Inquisitor returns, as Tobi combines with his droid, using it as a rocket blaster, a la Iron Man, to enhance his speed and sword skills. Seeing him adapting on the fly, calculating and outwitting the villain truly paints the kid as a success story eager to liberate the galaxy.

Tajin the Jedi Master vs. the Elder Sith

Tajin fights the Sith in Star Wars: Visions

"The Elder" focuses on the Jedi master, Tajin, fighting the Elder, a rogue Sith Lord, in a field. It's akin to when old Obi-Wan killed Darth Maul on Tatooine in how calculated they are, with the Elder using dual red blades and lightning against Tajin's one green lightsaber.

Tajin's disposition also evokes Qui-Gonn, as he tries to save his wounded Padawan, Dan. But he loses that pacifist vibe when he realizes Dan's bleeding out, cutting up one of the old man's blades before a brilliant fencing move that sees him deflecting the Elder's attacks and impaling him in the blink of an eye. It's perfect choreography, with the stoic Tajin still paying his enemy respect.

Lop vs. Her Traitor Sister, Ocho

Star Wars Visions Lop & Ocho

In "Lop & Ocho," the alien rabbit, Lop, a former slave, fights her 'sister,' Ocho, as part of a clan dispute on Tau. Yasaburo, their dad, didn't want the Empire taking stock in their planet anymore and committed terrorist attacks, only for Ocho to join the villains as she loves control. This culminates in a brutal battle where Lop accepts her destiny, taking her clan's lightsaber and attacking Ocho.

It's a brutal encounter as the action dynamic's slick, per the early Clone Wars cartoon with Asajj Ventress. Ocho starts manifesting Sith-like powers too, but luckily, Lop is able to use her other blade to carve an X into Ocho's chest. It's a brand to remind her of the betrayal, once more evoking Ani and Obi-Wan in a breakneck scrap for honor.

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