Attack on Titan: 5 Essential Things the Final Season, Part 2 Needs to Get Right

Attack on Titan the Final Season Part 1 was different from the show's previous seasons in many ways. WIT Studio was responsible for the show's production from Season 1 up until the end of Season 3, but MAPPA has now taken over that responsibility for the Final Season and fans immediately noticed the differences.

There's been a major shift in the storyline from the end of Season 3, and all the characters look somewhat different since there's been a four-year time skip. Moreover, the animation isn't what fans are used to in Attack on Titan, particularly when it comes to battles. While there are many things to love about the adaptation so far, other aspects could stand to be improved in Part 2, while certain questions about the story itself need to be answered.

Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1's Battle Sequences Disappointed

Eren Declares War On The World In Attack On Titan

Part 1 of the Final Season had three battles: the conclusion of Marley's four-year war, the Survey Corps' invasion of Marley, and Levi and Zeke's rematch. The battle between the Survey Corps and Marley forces was one of the biggest of the series to date. It was also the first time fans saw most of the main cast since the season started.

There was a lot to get hyped up about, but some fans couldn't help but notice the characters' movements were less fluid than in previous seasons, especially during moments where the Survey Corps were using their ODM gear. This was particularly noticeable during Levi and Zeke's fight in Episode 14.

When the rivals fought in Season 3, Episode 18, the scene became an instant classic, largely thanks to the fantastic animation. Levi moved incredibly fast and the animation did not seem stiff at all. In fact, fans could barely follow his movements. Viewers would definitely be pleased to see the characters move like that again in upcoming battles.

Eren's Motives Need to Be Explained in Attack on Titan Final Season Part 2

Eren Jaeger, posing as Kruger, in Attack on Titan

It's unlikely that anyone who isn't a manga reader has any clue what Eren has been thinking since his first appearance in Season 4. Characters and viewers alike struggle to figure out what his plans might be and why he's been acting so strangely.

Eren has seemingly become an almost completely different character. His behavior has been erratic, and his closest friends aren't even sure if he's on their side or not. Before the season concludes, the drastic changes in his personality since the end of Season 3 need to be explained. It also needs to be revealed why he told Mikasa that he's always hated her.

The Fates of Levi and Zeke Have Yet to Be Revealed

Levi Ackerman from Attack on Titan

Levi and Zeke were both in terrible shape when viewers last saw them. Zeke intentionally triggered a thunder spear that Levi stabbed him with and left inside his body, getting them caught in the ensuing explosion. Both their fates were left up in the air. Levi hasn't been seen since the explosion. Zeke, however, was picked up by a random Titan.

The Titan in question ripped open its own stomach and placed Zeke inside. Zeke showed no signs of being alive as this was happening. Why that Titan put Zeke in its stomach and whether or not he and Levi survived the explosion are questions that need to be answered.

Annie Leonhart Still Has a Role to Play in Attack on Titan

annie crystal reflection attack on titan

Annie Leonhart crystalized herself using her Titan's hardening ability back in Season 1 and has been completely inactive since then, although the other characters have spoken about her a few times throughout seasons 2 to 4. Armin has tried speaking directly to her, despite getting no response and not knowing if she can hear him.

Annie still wields one of the Nine Titans, so it stands to reason that she somehow still has a role to play in the final arc of the series going forward. Her father even expressed certainty that she's alive and said she promised to return home. It would be odd if the series ends without her having done anything important Season 1.

The Founder Ymir Remains a Mystery as Attack on Titan Nears Its End

Ymir Acts Aloof In Attack On Titan

The founder Ymir is one of the biggest mysteries when it comes to the history and lore of Attack on Titan. Very little has been revealed about the mysterious girl who brought about the power of the Titans. It's unclear if the little information that's been revealed is even true; the history books being fabricated is an established possibility.

The Tyburs revealed earlier this season that they fabricated some of the history themselves, so it's difficult to say what the truth really is at this point. By the time the series officially ends, all answers will have hopefully been revealed and everything will make sense.

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