SSSS.Dynazenon: A Gridman Legacy Character Forges an Anti-Kaiju Alliance

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 7 of SSSS.Dynazenon, "What's Our Reason for Coming Together?," now streaming on Funimation.

Picking up from last week's encounter, Episode 7 of SSSS.Dynazenon begins with Gridman legacy character, Gridknight, invading the heated battle between Dynazenon and the Kaiju. He unloads on them and forces the Eugenicists to retreat. Soon after, Gridknight turns his attention to Dynazenon. Believing it to be another Kaiju, Gridknight attacks the poor battered mecha. However, the assault is short-lived due to Gridknight’s transformation time limit.

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Following a failed battle, Gauma and the others are forced to spend the night waiting for the Kaiju. The team is still experiencing some internal dysfunction from their emotional problems. Nevertheless, they are determined.

During the night, Gridknight appears in his human form, looking more mature than the angsty preteen image he has in SSSS.Gridman. Anosillus II, who has also grown up quite a bit, accompanies him. Following in the steps of Gridman, they claim to be the Gridknight Alliance, whose mission is to protect the world from the threat of Kaiju. Although Gridknight delivers some insults, Anosillus explains their intention to collaborate.

Gauma swiftly turns them down, however, which leads Gridknight to exclaim that Gauma’s wounded ragtag team would only slow him down anyway. In addition to the others having emotional crises, their recent defeat delivered a blow to Gauma's pride. He isn’t going to accept help from someone he doesn’t trust, and he definitely doesn't want aid from someone who just attacked his crew.

After the Gridknight Alliance’s departure, the rest of the night is filled with hard talks among the crew. Yume and Yomogi talk about Kano. Meanwhile, Koyomi opens up to Gauma about his unrequited situation. The conversation reveals more about Gauma’s relationship with his own person of interest and while it brings some comfort to Koyomi, it also puts Gauma’s goals into perspective.

His pride in Dynazenon is heavily connected to this mystery woman because she bestowed it on him. He has a lot of emotional investment at risk in the battles with the Kaiju Eugenicists. When Gauma looks down at his broken Dyna Driver, he mutters that it doesn’t heal with time. He’s not just talking about Dynazenon, but his own emotional state as well.

When the Kaiju reappears in the morning, Gauma gathers the others and they use Dynazenon in its tattered shape to fight. Dynazenon alone can’t handle the Kaiju but even so, the ragtag team with newfound resolve is determined to give their all.

Luckily, Gridknight changes his mind about cooperating and enters the fight again as Anosillus uses the fixer beam to repair Dynazenon. With rejuvenated health, Dynazenon teams up with Gridknight in a spectacular fight. With the Kaiju finally defeated, Gauma shows his gratitude and Anosillus promises another encounter in the future. Though Gauma and Gridknight are sure to clash again in the future -- both remain very prideful -- for now at least, it seems this SSSS.Dynazenon cooperation is mutually desired.

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