Spy X Family: A Yor-Centric Chapter Teases a New Mission for the Assassin

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Spy x Family Chapter #43 by Tatsuya Endo, Casey Loe and Rina Mapa, available in English now from Viz Media.

Most of the chapters in Spy X Family have followed the exploits of Loid and Anya, consequently leaving Yor, the assassin-turned-new-wife-and-mother, out of the spotlight. When mentioned, she's usually in a supporting role to Loid or Anya. We don't know that much about Yor the assassin other than when she was first introduced, and subsequently, only in brief glimpses. Chapter #43 hints that more insight will be given into Yor's story in upcoming chapters.

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Why We Want More Yor

spy x family yor catch cat

Chapter #43 opens with Franky, Loid's friend and informant from his agency, in a bit of a predicament: Franky's contact just got eliminated by an assassin group named Garden. One of the silhouettes of the group looks suspiciously like an assassin we know: Yor, otherwise known as her code name Thorn Princess.

Yor is often depicted as this sweet, but ditzy and clueless character. She became an assassin to create a better life for Yuri and this also spurs her desire to become a better mother for Anya. Yor tries (and fails) to cook, clean the house, and generally to be a "normal" mother and wife. Her heart is in the right place but a lot of things, like her destructive strength, get in the way. Although she initially became an assassin to support her brother and herself when their parents died, she now views it as her duty to "clean up" the country, thus further cementing her connection to Garden who has been killing traitors by order of the shadow government.

As enjoyable as Yor is with her dichotomy of earnest wife/mother and cold-hearted hit killer, we don't know much about her. A lot of what readers see feels very surface level compared to characters like Loid and even Damian who are more fleshed out with very real motivations and goals. We don't know how she feels politically, for example, about the cold war between Westalis and Ostania or what she might do if someone close to her turned out to be a traitor. Right now, she's kept out of the politics that make up the setting of Spy X Family, making her into a character who only reacts to what's happening to her rather than interacting with it. We simply don't know what stakes she has in the story -- but this might all change now.

Yor's Next Target

spy x family yor next target

On the hunt for his new lady crush's missing cat Kopi, Franky accidentally recruits Yor's help. He uses a variety of different technologies to find Kopi, from building a cat-shaped listening device -- that was promptly destroyed by the other cats -- to creating a cat nip-luring machine that ended up backfiring on the two. Franky and Yor make a surprising and hilarious team.

Eventually, Kopi pops up and Franky unveils his power suit in order to catch the cat, but Yor has a different idea. Instead of using the suit to propel herself with enough power to grab Kopi before he gets too far away, she hurls the power suit at Kopi, stopping him in his tracks. Wearing an expression that you'd expect to see in a horror movie, Yor leaps and successfully catches the cat.

Yor returns to work, quietly delighted that she managed to help Franky. She's even happier when one of her coworkers remarks that she's becoming more "normal" now. However, she doesn't get much of a chance to celebrate before she gets a call from her employer who tells her that they have a new "client" for her.

Questions are now circling around the identity of Yor's "client" -- it doesn't seem likely that it's Loid, given the general pacing of Spy X Family, but it might be someone from his agency who now has a target on their back. And with Loid already butting heads with Garden, we might be able to see more of Twilight confronting the Thorn Princess, Mr. and Mrs. Smith style.