Singular Point’s Godzilla Design Is the Thiccest Version Yet

Godzilla is more popular than he has been in years, with the King of the Monsters having both live-action and animated features to look forward to. The former includes his highly anticipated bout with King Kong, while the latter will be the Netflix anime Godzilla Singular Point.

Details about this series are still very much in the dark, but a teaser trailer and its take on Godzilla has finally been revealed. While the monster looks as tall as ever, many fans have noted how thicc his lower region is. Essentially an exaggerated version of older designs, this new Godzilla design certainly didn't skip leg day.

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Fans Are Obsessed With Thicczilla

The new Netflix series' design for Godzilla is both familiar yet incredibly different. His upper body seems more compact, with his head, in particular, seeming small. However, these size comparisons are made against the standout element of Godzilla's design: those beefy legs. His thighs and legs are succulent beyond even Colonel Sanders' understanding, with his tail being equally as fat. This effect has the monster looking almost ridiculous, especially with how much smaller his arms are than his massive legs.

Once Netflix shared the image on social media, fans quickly acknowledged the chunkiness of Godzilla's hind parts. Being called "thicc" is common in fans' comments, though it's hard to gauge actual fan reception beyond the jokes. It's certainly a jarring design choice, especially with how monstrous it seems to try to make Godzilla. Despite how meme-worthy his legs may be, Godzilla's toned yet stocky stubs are shared with previous versions of the character.

Godzilla's Previous Designs

As strange as this incredibly thick version of the atomic reptile may be, it does have some precedent throughout the franchise. In the West, his design in 2019's Godzilla: King of the Monsters was noted for how much more rotund it was than in the previous film. Not only were his legs thicker in width, but his midsection was also notably chunkier. This look seems to have been kept for Godzilla vs. Kong, so viewers will likely be used to Godzilla's larger designs by the year's end.

Shin Godzilla is another more pleasantly plump version of the King of Monsters. This film is most well-known for being experimental with Godzilla's nature and biology, with the creature mutating and evolving throughout the movie into different forms. His final form most resembled his usual self, but with some key differences. His upper body had a scarred, almost painful appearance, with his mutated skin having the appearance of long keloids.

Likewise, his lower body was much thicker than his comparatively thin upper body -- particularly his thighs, which were bulbous and almost tumorous in how large they were. Given how this film was the latest Japanese produced Godzilla film and one of the best-reviewed in years, it makes sense that this new Netflix take on the character would take elements derived from it. Whether or not there's an in-universe explanation for how sultry Godzilla's gams look remains to be seen, however.

Directed by Atsushi Takahashi and written by Toh Enjoe, Godzilla Singular Point arrives on Netflix in April.

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