Shaman King: Flowers Anime Reveals Visuals and Confirms Returning Cast Members!

Shaman King: Flowers, the sequel to Shaman King's reboot anime, has revealed new visuals and confirmed the return of three cast members!


Hikasa Yoko, who has already been confirmed as the voice of Hana Asakura, will also play his father, Yoh Asakura.


Megumi Hayashibara will reprise the role of Anna Kyoyama/Asakura, Hana's mother.


Minami Takayama will return to voice Hao Asakura, Yoh's twin brother and the original series' main antagonist.


Following the reboot anime that began in April 2021, approximately 20 years after the premiere of the manga's first TV anime, Shaman King: Flowers will follow Hana, the son of Yoh and Anna.

Based on Hiroyuki Takei's manga series, Shaman King follows a young shaman named Yoh Asakura as he battles to become the Shaman King, who is able to contact the Great Spirit and thereby remake the world in accordance with his wishes.

The reboot anime began in April 2021 and concluded with episode 52 on April 21, 2022, after which the sequel anime was announced.

Shaman King: Flowers will air in Japan from January 2024.

©Hiroyuki Takei, Shueisha/SHAMAN KING FLOWERS Project.
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