Robotech Reveals New Apparel, Figures and More

The soon to be re-released Robotech series will return alongside a new line of apparel, figures, art books and more.

Harmony Gold, the American production company behind the Robotech franchise, announced a new line-up of merchandise based on the pioneering animated series during its [email protected] panel. Harmony Gold is partnering with Udon Entertainment to release new t-shirts featuring the show's iconic Veritech fighters, as well as a series of art books featuring episode recaps, production art and other behind-the-scenes details from all three arcs of the show. Solar Flare Games is also producing a Robotech card game based on the series' original Macross saga, as well as a separate game based on the series' third story arc, which deals with the Invid invasion. Strange Machine Games also announced a new tabletop game, Robotech: Reconstruction, which is based on the latter acts of the Macross saga and deals with the survivors of the Human-Zentradi war attempting to rebuild society after the climactic battle with Dolza's armada. The game is scheduled to be released in late 2021.

Collectors should be particularly interested in the new Robotech miniatures and figures that were announced. Kidslogic is producing a line of 1/285th scale miniatures based on the mecha from the series and 1/12th scale dioramas of the cockpits of the VF-1J and VF-1S fighters. The VF-1S diorama will come with a statue of pilot Roy Fokker that can be removed from the cockpit. A 1/6th scale statue of Dana Sterling, the protagonist of the Southern Cross saga will also be produced. The second wave of Kidslogic's 4.25 inch Robotech action figures will be released later this year.

Harmony Gold also revealed that Mep Toys will create a new line of figures based on the characters and mecha from the 1985 series as well. In addition to the already available Breetai figure, the panel revealed two figures based on the Invid's combat mecha, which will be released later in 2021. KitzConcept is also making Robotech figures in a 6-inch scale, the first four of which are currently available to order from Dana Sterling and Roy Fokker figures are also scheduled to join this line. Interestingly, these figures are branded with both the Robotech logo and the Japanese Macross logo as well. KitzConcept will also produce fully transformable VF-1 figures in a 1/72 scale, beginning with the Skull Leader and VF-1J versions of the fighter, with a fully armored variant to come later.

The panel ended with a reminder that Funimation will re-release a new Blu-ray box set of the entire series, which features a new HD transfer and is bundled with exclusive collectibles, on Sept. 28. The series will also be available for streaming on Funimation's subscription service. The new box set marks the first Robotech release following the conclusion of an extended legal battle between Harmony Gold and the Japanese rights holders to the original Macross anime series, which Robotech is based off of. The decades-spanning legal stand-off has long prevented the release of Robotech and Macross in different territories around the world, but a recent settlement clears the way for new international releases for both franchises.

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