Ridley Bronson Unveils Secrets Behind The Eclectic Fusion Of “Flex My Drip”

Ridley Bronson, a master of sonic innovation, returns with “Flex My Drip,” a trailblazing track that defies genre norms. Recently the producer and DJ unraveled the journey behind this groovy fusion and shed light on his unique approach to both music and live performances. 

"Fool," "Never Knew You," and "Choose To Dance" laid the foundation, but "Flex My Drip" introduces a whole new facet of Bronson's artistry. The song effortlessly merges disco and tech house, producing a vibrant sound that lures listeners to the dancefloor. His intention to push boundaries and break away from the norm is palpable, heralding the emergence of new genres and musical movements. 

The song's inception was triggered by a search for a distinct element for Bronson's live sets. Inspired by the quest to infuse soul and groove while maintaining an electrifying energy, "Flex My Drip" was born. The track's carefully woven blend of chopped samples, rhythmic drum fills, and soulful vocals serves as a testament to Ridley's dedication to his craft. 

Teaming up with Jaden Becker for the music video, Bronson further amplifies the experience. The visuals capture the essence of underground clubs and overlay them with mesmerizing psychedelic imagery. It's an imaginative concoction that perfectly complements the track's fusion of soul and tech house. 

Bronson's commitment to authenticity shines through in his performances as well. He employs a multifaceted strategy to connect with his audience, ensuring a memorable experience. Playing crowd-pleasers, original tracks, and fresh music, his live sets resonate with his energetic persona and enthralling musical choices. 

Fans can eagerly anticipate frequent releases from Bronson in the coming months, with each song promising to be a unique exploration of his evolving sound. Additionally, Ridley’s upcoming live show in Vail, Colorado, on August 18th adds to the excitement, offering fans an opportunity to witness his charisma firsthand. 

Watch the official music video for “Flex My Drip” here:

Listen to the song below: