Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness’ Most Horrific Plot Holes, Explained

WARNING: The following contains major spoilers for Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness, now streaming on Netflix.

Netflix's Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness is sandwiched in between Resident Evil 4 and 5, hinting at the early days of the sinister company Tricell. But while you might expect a compact, air-tight story about Leon and Claire trying to uncover a government conspiracy, quite a few horrific plot holes arise in just four episodes. Let's go through and try to make some sense of them all.

Claire In the White House

Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness opens up with zombies attacking the White House staff. After Jason and Leon sort the mess out, President Graham's team reveals a hack stole key data, which seems to be China.

They think people inside helped out, so they lock the place down. Yet Claire visits right after, even though she's not a part of the staff. She works with NGOs and usually arrives to ask about funding, so there's no reason she should be let in.

Jason's Shady Injection In Public

Eventually, Defense Secretary Wilson sends Leon with Shen May and lead operative, Jason, on a submarine to infiltrate China and find out what was stolen. Leon later sees Jason injecting a serum, which is sketchy as there was literally just a chemical attack in Washington.

Jason does it in a public toilet with the door open when he should be in his quarters in private. We later find out it's an inhibitor that stops him from mutating due to a bioweapon infection. It's a convenient moment to foreshadow that something is up, but the sad thing is, Leon doesn't even wonder if Jason's the double agent.

The Plan for Leon

Jason later admits he and Shen May are double agents, and that Wilson's project mutated Jason and many others. Wilson is blackmailing these soldiers using the inhibitor and making them do his dirty deeds. At this point, Leon doesn't believe him -- so he kills Jason.

It's weird as Leon saw Jason with the inhibitor vial. Additionally, Jason could just have told him all this before they got on the sub to elaborate on how Wilson's a tyrant, covering things up akin the Raccoon City.

The Hostage Situation

When Jason breaks news to Leon about his treason in a Shanghai apartment, they have their guns on the table to create drama. Shen May slips in quietly, though, just hiding as the conversation happens. She could have come up behind Leon with a gun to ensure he wouldn't react to kill Jason.

The fact she doesn't do this, and flees instead, jeopardizes the whole mission in Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness as it allows Leon to kill Jason. At this point, Leon's a G-Man, so they couldn't assume he'd be cool.

Jason & Shen May's Submarine Fiasco

Before they surface in Shanghai, Jason and Shen May kill all the sub's crew as Wilson wants to blow it up and frame China as the villain. But if they're not working for Wilson anymore, why would they do this? They could have gassed the passengers out or shot them out in escape pods rather than kill innocent people.

What's also alarming is, Leon finds the dead bodies and doesn't piece together that Jason and Shen May are the traitors from the Oval Office briefing. The fact he lets them blow the sub up and is cool listening to Jason's offer in Shanghai is also off-putting.

Jason's Weird Decisions

Rather than risk it all with Jun's chip, Jason's body is all the proof he needs. He could have gone to the media or the United Nations. With his Mad Dogs also committing suicide, Jason would have Wilson dead to rights.

Also, after he's shot by Leon, Jason heals and goes after Wilson's base. He should be heading for Shen May's family residence to get the chip, surely knowing Leon aims to go after her too. Instead, Jason drops this mission for a big boss battle in Wilson's lair.

The Round-the-World Teleportation

As this Shanghai fiasco happens, Wilson is in his lair yet somehow Jason appears and turns into his mutated Hulk. Getting from China to America should take hours, but it's done for plot convenience. It's all to have Jason trigger the facility into meltdown mode when he gets violent and to bite and infect his former boss.

Comically, Leon and Shen May arrive at the same time, despite the latter spending the night before in Shanghai in the rubble of her family's place after it got bombed. The Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness finale just doesn't sync up timelines at all.

Jun-See's Tragedy

It's never confirmed who bombs Shen May's family, but it's assumed to be Wilson who realized they were stabbing him in the back. This would destroy Jun-See's mutated form and the chip too. But the problem is, Wilson had no way of knowing this was happening. If he knew they were traitors, he could have blown the sub up himself.

In addition, after Jason and Shen May secreted Jun away from Panemstan to China, they took a while to discover the biometric chip in his body. Thus, Wilson had years to see his project was active, yet never decided to track and bomb the place until now.

Claire's Lucky Fate

Defense Secretary Wilson brings Claire to his base to silence her, as she's figured out something is up with the Mad Dogs' suicides. However, when Jason triggers the meltdown, acid starts flooding the facility to burn away all other bioweapons.

As these soldiers melt, the acid hits Claire's chair but, while her feet are up and she's trying to jump away, the metal feet of the chair don't. They only buckle when she jumps off. Apparently, the acid won't melt that one chair until the hero's off, safe and sound.

Patrick's Weird Politicking

Leon sends word early on to an aide, Patrick, to tell President Graham not to provoke China in a press conference as Wilson's the traitor. Yet Patrick waits until Graham's taking the podium, interrupts the speech and then reveals the info.

It's a weird move by Patrick as Graham could have ignored him in the heat of the moment. Telling the President earlier would also have had them searching for Wilson and possibly unlocking the lies at his base below Washington.

Aiding Wilson's Conspiracy

Leon earlier tells Shen May he can't have her expose the chip in China, even though it's a repeat of what Umbrella did to Raccoon City and the cover-up that ensued. When he kills Jason too, he then tells Claire he can't let her leak the chip in America either. It makes no sense as Leon should want to expose these projects and ensure the Umbrellas of the world are stopped.

The fact Shen May didn't shoot Leon in China and expose the conspiracy herself, or that Claire doesn't leak what she lived through, is also really convenient. Resident Evil: Infinite Darkness bent their crusades so Tricell and Resident Evil 5 could take place.

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