Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Is in for the Fight of His LIFE

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 30 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll.

In That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru's brand-new kingdom, the Jura Tempest Federation, is certainly rocking the boat. The Kingdom has made both friends (Blumund) and enemies (the Kingdom of Falmuth), but there are consequences for Rimuru's ambitious actions, and now those consequences are catching up to him violently.

Rimuru ate the great hero Shizu, and Shizu's former student Hinata Sakaguchi has arrived for misguided vengeance. At the same time, Falmuth's warriors are raiding Rimuru's city, determined to eliminate this "threat" before it can grow any further.

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The Ogres Are On The Back Foot

shion slime

Rimuru and Shizu were not the only Earth natives who have arrived in this isekai fantasy world. The Falmuth Kingdom has three more isekai guests as a secret weapon: Shogo, Kirara and their unnamed sword-slinging friend. It's their job to stir up a violent incident in Rimuru City and stoke anti-monster sentiment across the world. Shogo and his allies have an advantage: the entire city is encased in an anti-magic barrier and Shion is struggling to keep up with Shogo's blows. Elsewhere, Hakuro faces the isekai swordmaster, and without his full strength, he cannot hope to win at this rate.

Things only get worse when Falmuth's army arrives and sets the entire city ablaze, sparing no goblin or lizard man who gets in their way. This kingdom was founded with diversity, tolerance and peace in mind, but it's clear that not everyone in this world is not ready for such a forward-thinking place. Rimuru, if he had more political savvy, might have seen this conflict coming, or perhaps Shuna or the lizard-men could have predicted it. However, they let down their guard, and now, the city's very existence is at stake. This may serve as a wake-up call for Rimuru, and push him to redouble his political efforts to establish his kingdom's legitimacy and safety.

Rimuru Faces Vengeance

hinata fighting slime

Another isekai villain has arrived: Hinata Sakaguchi, a former disciple of Shizu's. Just like Kenya, Chloe and the other youngsters, Hinata adored Shizu and was devastated by the news of Shizu's passing. But while the students are eager to learn from Rimuru and take challenging tests to impress him, Hinata has revenge on her mind. As her sources tell it, the slime monster Rimuru Tempest slew Shizu most unjustly, and that's just how monsters are in this world. Hinata is patient and methodical about revenge; she waits until Rimuru and Ranga are alone in a grassy field outside Ingrassia's capital, then traps Rimuru within a magical dome. Right now, Rimuru cannot teleport out or use his magic skills.

Hinata introduces herself as the captain of the holy knights for the Holy Empire of Ruberios, and as a follower of the god Luminous. She's wielding a unique sword that can cut the target's very soul, and seven blows will spell instant death, even for a powerhouse like Rimuru.

Rimuru has been struggling to defend his nation with both words and actions, and he hasn't always been successful. He's still growing as a leader and as a fighter, but nevertheless, he can't give up. He'll take any risk to defeat Hinata and help her understand that he is Shizu's successor, not her killer. The battle is heating up, and Rimuru has to deal the final blow. Everything is riding on it.

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