Dragon Ball Super Reveals a NEW Set of Dragon Balls – and It’s a Game Changer

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69, by Akira Toriyama, Toyotarou, Caleb Cook and Brandon Bovia, available now in English from Viz Media.

Since Akira Toriyama launched the franchise in 1984, the Dragon Balls have been one of the most important items in the Dragon Ball Universe, with Goku and the Z-Fighters using the wishes they bestow to revive their friends and undo the destruction caused by various villains. In their canon journeys, the Z-Fighters have used three different sets: the Earth's Dragon Balls, Namek's Dragon Balls and the Super Dragon Balls. Now, Dragon Ball Super has introduced a new set -- and they're game changing.

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After learning that Freeza -- the villain who wiped out the Cerealians using the power of the Saiyans -- is alive again following the "Universe Survival Saga," Granolah returns to his home planet. Following its destruction, a friendly group of aliens called the Sugarians moved in. However, Granolah doesn't live with the Sugarians, instead opting to live outside of society with a Namekian named Monaito. As Dragon Ball Super reveals, a group of Namekians lived alongside the Cerealians prior to Freeza's attack and were also almost entirely wiped out.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 key art

Granolah tells the elderly Monaito about Freeza's return. However, Monaito warns Granolah against attacking the villain, knowing that his young friend doesn't have the strength to defeat the villain. Granolah then looks at a one-star Dragon Ball sitting on a pedestal nearby, and Monaito warns him against using their power for taking revenge. Instead, they're meant to reward "bold warriors who sought out the Dragon Balls in times of great suffering."

While at first Granolah agrees not to use the Dragon Balls, the Cerealian soon steals the two-star Dragon Ball when it resurfaces in the mountains. Using just the two Dragon Balls, Granolah summons a dragon and makes a single wish. While it's not clear at this time if his wish will be granted, Granolah asks the dragon to make him "the greatest warrior in the universe."

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 69 key art

At this time the exact power of the Cerealian Dragon Balls isn't clear, but the fact only two of them are required to make a wish is pretty shocking. There are, for comparison's sake, seven other Dragon Balls in the other three canon sets. This means that gathering the Cerealian Dragon Balls is shockingly easy.

While the exact limits on these Dragon Balls isn't clear, Monaito indicates to Granolah that their power would be capable of restoring their planet to what it was like before Freeza's attack. Monaito also doesn't doubt they'd give Granolah the strength to defeat Freeza and is instead more concerned with the ethics of using them for such a purpose. As such, these Dragon Balls are likely as powerful as Earth's and Namek's Dragon Balls and thus capable of creating Universe 7's next powerhouse.

Dragon Ball Super Chapter 70 releases March 19.

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