Reincarnated as a Slime: Rimuru Can’t Just Fight His Way to Political Victory

WARNING: the following contains spoilers for Episode 27 of That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime, now streaming on Crunchyroll and FUNimation.

37-year-old Satoru was an ordinary salaryman, living a fairly anonymous life in Tokyo until he was reborn as Rimuru Tempest, a blue blob of an isekai hero. Now he's the center of attention, being the founder and ruler of the Jura Tempest Federation, and right now, in Episode 27 of Reincarnated as a Slime, Rimuru is taking his first shaky steps into the world of international politics, isekai style.

It's easier said than done. The Jura Tempest Federation was launched in a divided world where danger and prejudice are very real, and not everyone is going to take the little blue slime Rimuru seriously. King Gazel Dwargo is now teaching Rimuru the secrets of statecraft, and it's clear he needs skills other than fighting in order to become a serious political player.

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How A Slime King Should Speak

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Rimuru Tempest and King Gazel Dwargo already have a semi-friendly rapport from Rimuru's earlier visit to the dwarf kingdom, and King Gazel is willing to teach Rimuru a few secrets of leadership and give him a chance to grow. King Gazel must put his own nation first, but he's willing to give the Federation a try. Over a few glasses of apple wine, Gazel learns that Rimuru has established ties with Demon Lord Carrion and even Demon Lord Milim, quickly sizing up the Federation's current strength and political alliances. Gazel isn't afraid of Rimuru or the Federation, but he's smart enough to get the full picture and know what he's dealing with. Rimuru isn't quite that savvy yet.

Later, Rimuru gives his big speech to a massive crowd in the dwarvish capital city, speaking eloquently about his wishes to unite the people of the world and foster a more understanding and tolerant society. Rimuru wants his Federation to serve as an example, and his short, flowery speech earns him a round of applause as an immensely proud Shion holds her slime king up on a cushion. Or was that speech misguided?

King Gazeol offers his blunt much-needed assessment: Rimuru's speech was not very kingly. Rimuru is hedging his bets on phrases such as "I hope" and "maybe," and a king's address is no time for compromises or such passive speech. A proper ruler speaks of absolutes, what the nation will do and what will happen as a result. Rimuru has struggled with politics and rhetoric so far in this world; despite being a man/slime of peace, Rimuru has won over his allies and enforced truces by fighting, from killing the old wolf pack boss to eating the Orc Disaster, and he simply bribed Milim with food. Rimuru's rhetorical skills are limited, and when it comes to international politics, he can't eat or fight his way to victory.

Rimuru, The Sleazy King

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Lst time Rimuru visited the dwarf city, he visited a nightclub populated by comely elf ladies. Rimuru could get away with it then, but this time, he's a public figure, and it's rather risky for Rimuru to goof off during his off-hours. But that's just what he does. Rimuru is back in the club, bringing along Kaijin, his fellows and a handful of goblins, including Gobta.

Shion and Shuna both arrive and corner Rimuru's gang in the street corner, hiding their indignant anger behind mask-like smiles and falsely sweet words. Gobzo the goblin blabbed to them when asked what Rimuru was up to. While Rimuru may be the ogres' boss, he wilts before their rage; he and the goblins are in big trouble. Rimuru recalls Gazel's words about driving a hard bargain, and when told that he must eat Shion's dreadful cooking for a week, Rimuru tries to bargain down to three days, only to get verbally knocked down. A week it is, and if Rimuru can't even be a king for his loyal ogres, how will he ever unite the world to form a kingdom of peace and tolerance?

Meanwhile, Rimuru's adventurer friend Youm meets Myulan the wizard, and accepts her into his adventure party after witnessing her skills firsthand. What he doesn't know is that Myulan is in Clayman's pocket, and that may spell trouble for Youm and, by extension, Rimuru himself. Politics continue to challenge the slime.

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