Nastia’s NECHTO label presents 006 LP

Scary Beautiful — the audiovisual music project created by DJ Nastia has recently concluded the first season and is presenting the first instalment of a 5-part music release.

In October 2020, DJ Nastia announced an open call for electronic music producers around the world to submit unreleased tracks that would potentially become part of a major release on her label NECHTO. As part of the agenda, Nastia played 5 DJ sets at 5 unique locations, presenting new work by independent talents, some of which were heard by the public for the first time. As a result, 49 tracks were selected to be released as 5 digital LPs, with the first one being available on the 29th of January 2021.

The purpose of the project, which aired in partnership with Ballantine’s, was to support the electronic music industry during this difficult time through discovering aspiring new musicians and promoting their music.

Nastia received hundreds of demos by music producers from countries like Japan, Portugal, Argentina, India, Ukraine, and many others, consequently making it a global-scale initiative.

The first location where Nastia played a mix was filmed at the Morozovsky Coal Quarry – an abandoned coal mine which happens to be one of the most interesting “stalker” objects of Ukraine. The NECH006 LP contains powerful and original techno tracks that fully reflect the synergy of past coal mining technology and the power of nature.

The remaining 4 albums of the series will be released digitally via NECHTO records every following two weeks.

The second season of Scary Beautiful is currently in pre-production.