Reincarnated as a Slime: 5 Scenes That Changed Rimuru Tempest Forever

That Time I Got Reincarnated as a Slime is one of the biggest names in the world of isekai right now, and it's easy to see why. The series is an optimistic and uplifting action story about a salaryman who got himself reborn as a slime. Still, through sheer tenacity and myriad powers, he survived and thrived in this world, changing him as a person.

Now going by Rimuru Tempest, this little slime is determined to create his own nation and unify the feuding races of the Jura Forest -- but this is not easy work. Rimuru has been challenged repeatedly in combat and even in international politics, and all this has made a distinct impact on who he is. Here are five scenes that had the most impact on Rimuru's new life.

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When He Met (& Absorbed) Veldora The Dragon

Once Rimuru was born, he found himself in an extensive cave network packed with monsters and glowing crystals. However, the main attraction was the ethereal prison of a great storm dragon. Rimuru spoke to the dragon and named him Veldora, and in exchange, he gave Rimuru a name. This exchange strengthened both parties significantly as the power of names holds a massive significance in this universe.

Meeting Veldora helped open Rimuru's eyes to how scary and perilous this world can be, but Rimuru was not intimidated. Instead, he resolved to make a difference in this world and meet its challenges head-on, spurred on by Veldora's words. Finally, Rimuru powered up yet again when he absorbed Veldora with his Predator skill.

When Rimuru Tempest Befriended Gazel Dwargo, The Dwarf King

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Rimuru made rapid progress once he united the goblin tribe with their dire wolf enemies, but he needed more allies than Rigurd and Ranga on his side. Rimuru wanted to build a nation physically and in spirit, so he traveled to the armed dwarvish country of Dwargon, where he met the king after a few mishaps.

Gazel is tough but fair, and he was sufficiently impressed to lend Rimuru some aid, mainly by allowing some master smiths and artisans to return home to Rimuru's village. Gazel would later coach Rimuru in the ways of speech-making, statecraft, diplomacy and more. These lessons changed Rimuru as a person and leader, and with his evolving status, he was making friends and enemies alike.

When Rimuru Befriended Shizue Izawa

Rimuru isn't the first person to find themselves reincarnated in this new world. Decades before Rimuru's story, a girl from World War II-era Japan -- Shizue -- was summoned by Demon Lord Cromwell and went on to become a hero bearing the mighty fire spirit, Ifreet. Much later, Shizue would eventually pass the torch to Rimuru by giving him permission to absorb her.

Now, Rimuru could assume her form -- though with light blue hair -- which significantly boosted his charisma and ability to communicate with other parties. This also prompted Rimuru to begin teaching Shizue's students in the nation of Ingrassia, which enriched him greatly as a person. He found it highly rewarding to train and educate those kids, such as Kenya and Chloe.

When Rimuru Saw The Carnage Of Falmuth's Attack

Season 2 brought many new challenges to the fore, including the rise of the villainous kingdom of Falmuth and the scheming Western Holy Church. These two factions sought to take Rimuru and his monster nation down. So, while Rimuru was away fighting Hinata Sakaguchi, the Falmuth army stormed his city and laid waste to it.

Amid the destruction, scores of people were killed, and when Rimuru finally returned, the sheer carnage broke his heart. The Falmuth troops would return, and they would face a wrathful Rimuru Tempest. By now, Rimuru realizes that he has to make hard decisions in this world and embrace his monster side, or his ambitious new nation will never gain legitimacy in this world.

When Rimuru Became A True Demon Lord

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Rimuru Tempest learned the truth of Milim Nava: that she had once been a princess who lost everything, and she used dark magic to become a True Demon Lord to restore the life of her little pet dragon. Now, Rimuru had no choice but to emulate her to bring back everyone who died during the Falmuth raid (including Shion). Once the Falmuth army returned, Rimuru slaughtered them all with his magic and harvested thousands of human souls to fuel his ascension into True Demon Lord status.

Once Rimuru got his upgrade, he summoned a demonic minion, Noir, and had his Great Sage ability upgraded into Raphael. Then, he revived all of the fallen with a single arcane spell, and although this is mission complete, there's no going back now. Rimuru is a full-fledged monster, whether for good or ill, and this may greatly affect his standing on the world stage if other leaders find out.

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