NGHTMRE Clashes With Alexandar Smash On ‘Speak Easy’ Featuring Ghostlo

With only one release under his belt in 2021, Tyler Marenyi aka NGHTMRE has not let his silence go to waste. Preparing to kick off this year's elevating festival season in epic fashion, fans can expect the arrival of one of dance music's most dynamic talents to rise to the occasion. Continuously pushing the threshold further, NGHTMRE and Alexander Smash aim to take over this week's playlists with the melodic capabilities of ‘Speak Easy.'

Out today via Ultra Music, dance music powerhouse NGHTMRE brings forward a captivating future bass anthem that is sure to steal the stage at any upcoming festival. Featuring the vocal talents of Ghostlo, the Chicago-based duo's harmonizing prowess lays the foundation of this track as they find themselves in the midst of an unforgettable studio session. Wrapping the atmosphere of the production in an eerie yet irresistible soundscape, listeners will find it easy to lose themselves in the alluring ‘Speak Easy.'

“Speak Easy was one of those tracks that really came together quick in the studio. The creative flow the first day I worked with Alexandar Smash in the studio was awesome and we got most of the idea done. As soon as I heard the vocals I knew how it was going to sound. It's rare when that happens but it's the best feeling. We spent months tweaking/adding final touches and I'm extremely proud of how it ended up sounding! Alexandar Smash and Ghostlo have been a pleasure to work with, to say the least.” – NGHTMRE

Listen below: