Record of Ragnarok: Trailer, Plot & Release Date

Record of Ragnarok is the latest in a long line of anime and manga based on ancient mythology. Originally a seinen action manga featuring gods and goddesses from global mythologies, the series is set to have an anime adaptation hit Netflix this Spring. Featuring a war to end all wars between human civilizations and the gods that rule them, Record of Ragnarok is no mere retelling of the same old myths. Here's a look at the manga's story, news of the anime adaptation, and when exactly the show is coming out.

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The Story of Record of Ragnarok

The Record of Ragnarok manga is the creation of Shinya Umemura, Takumi Fukui and Ajichika, and began publication in Monthly Comic Zenon in 2017. It's been collected into ten volumes so far, while its 2019 spinoff, Shumatsu no Valkyrie:Ryo Fu Hō Sen Hishōden, has had three complete volumes so far.

The story deals with a coalition of various deities from across the world and cultures. They all convene to discuss mankind's fall into destructiveness and how humanity can no longer be allowed to live any longer. However, the Valkyrie Brunhilde stands up for the human race and suggests that it be given one last chance at redemption. This final shot manifests in a tournament where significant humans from throughout history have to combat the gods themselves. To make the battle fair, the humans are armed with magical weapons made of transformed Valkyries that allow them to fight back.

The only drawback is that, if their human hosts lose their battles, the Valkyries themselves automatically die. The humans involved in the tournament include such historical figures as Lu Bu, Jack the Ripper, Buddha, Nikola Tesla and even Adam himself. The gods include Thor, Zeus, Heracles, Hermes, Shiva, Bishamonten, Anubis and Beelzebub. However, the use of more contemporary deities like the Hindu Shiva has given the manga a bit of controversy.

Record of Ragnarok Trailer & News To Know

Warner Bros. Japan announced the anime adaptation back in December 2020, with the original teaser recently being supplemented by an official trailer.

Warner Bros. Japan's official synopsis reads:

"7 million Years of Human Civilization is coming to an end… Every 1000 years, all the Gods of the world gather in heaven to attend the “Conference of Mankind Survival.” All the Gods agree to bring an ultimate end to the mankind due to their past foolish acts but before the final verdict is made, Brunhild, the eldest of the 13 Valkyrie sisters make and objection. “To spice things up, why donʼt you test humans?”

Her proposal was to have God vs Humanityʼs final struggle also known as the “Ragnarok”, where all the Gods from the world and champions from the entire human history enters 1 on 1 battle. The first team to win 7 battles out of 13 will be the winner. It seems almost impossible for the humans to win against the Gods. Although Gods sneer at them, Brunhild makes further provocation; “Are you chickening out?”

That touches Godsʼ nerves and they accept her proposal in anger. Therefore, Brunhild and her sisters must choose 13 of the strongest champions throughout the human history. Will humans surpass Gods and make an stop to the ultimate end? The eschatological battles between heaven and earth finally begin!"

Record of Ragnarok's Release Date

The Netflix exclusive series is produced by Studio Graphinica, which is best known for its CGI animation. Its previous works include the anime adaptation of Tokyo Mew Mew, as well as a few movies in the Hellsing series. Record of Ragnarok is confirmed to be hitting Netflix globally in June, though an exact date hasn't been given yet.