Rebekah On Being Sexually Assaulted By A Promoter

One of Europe’s leading techno artists Rebekah shares her view and fights sexual abuse and female discrimination on the music scene in his latest interview with the Guardian.

Rebekah starts the interview by recalling this event. Her parents had bought her a set of turntables just before her 17th birthday and she was keen to start building her vinyl collection. “I said to the guys working there, ‘Oh, have you got any jobs going?’” she recalls. “They replied, ‘Yeah, you can give me a blowjob.”

One year after being laughed out of the record shop as a 17-year-old, Rebekah was raped by an acquaintance, who had come round under the pretense of teaching her to mix records. At 21, when she started touring internationally as a DJ, she believes she was sexually assaulted in eastern Europe by a promoter who snuck into her hotel room while she was passed out.

To all the people on the scene and fans of techno music, we want you to read her interview in full HERE.

The new crop of female techno stars such as Lens and de Witte have also adopted a casual look: their (mostly black) baggy T-shirts and streetwear fashion complements their austere music, distracts attention from their bodies and rebuffs the suggestion they are trading on their looks. It’s a fine line to walk for female artists who are both rewarded and punished for being attractive.

“Being female in this industry is a double-edged sword,” says Rebekah. “In one respect, you get noticed really quickly and things happen really fast. But, on the other hand, you might not be ready for it. You get thrown in the deep end and you just have to survive.”