Digimon Adventure 2020 Makes WarGreymon More Important Than Ever

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Episode 31 of Digimon Adventure 2020, "A New Darkness, Millenniumon," now streaming on Crunchyroll.

It's no secret that WarGreymon is one of the Digimon franchise's Best Boys. The Mega evolution of MetalGreymon, the bipedal warrior embodies the spirit of courage that he and his human partner, Tai, represent on the DigiDestined squad. Though we got glimpses of the hero when the two fought DoneDevimon, WarGreymon's fully-fledged form didn't properly manifest until the last episode -- a welcome return for long-time fans.

Along with MetalGarurumon, WarGreymon is one of just two Mega forms that the team's Digimon reached in the original Digimon Adventure series, making it even more special. (An imbalance that has since been rectified in Digimon tri.) But the reboot does one better: not only is WarGreymon a rare achievement to unlock, but it's also revealed to be an especially vital asset in battling the darkness sweeping the Digital World.

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Digimon Lopmon

In Episode 31, "A New Darkness, Millenniumon," WarGreymon's appearance suddenly jogs Lopmon's suppressed memories. As suspected, the rabbit Digimon isn't merely a callback to Digimon: The Movie, it is indeed the Rookie form of the Holy Digimon, Cherubimon -- the very same Celestial being that fought in the last great war between the forces of light and darkness that Tai and Sora were told about at the series' start. Seeing WarGreymon in all his armored splendor triggers Lopmon's exposition mode, and it informs the two surprised DigiDestined that WarGreymon didn't just fight on the frontlines of this ancient battle, he actually led the pack.

Remember those silhouettes we saw of the group's Digimon in their evolved forms? Well, that pack. This repositioning of WarGreymon as a veteran war hero tracks, both in this new war-heavy Digimon canon and in his name and design -- evoking a Gundam mech crossed with an armored dragon; the perfect war machine.

Holy Digimon

So far, a lot of emphasis has been placed on Angemon's importance as the group's designated Holy representative. Episode 31 also teases his female counterpart Angewoman's arrival for the first time, which Tai correctly links to the presence of his kidnapped sister Kari in the Digital World. While the two will no doubt play key roles in the group's fight against their now named enemy, Milleniumon, it seems that Digimon Adventure 2020 doesn't want other fan-favorites to fall by the wayside. The fact that the mere sight of WarGreymon is enough to draw a Digimon with such powerful potential as Lopmon out of hiding only compounds this.

Not to mention... this WarGreymon is huuuge compared to past iterations. He even comments on how power much he feels pulsing through himself. If we assume a Digimon's size represents how much data they consume, the reboot's version must be feeding off several hundred terabytes, at least.

Lopmon also mentions that its past strength was almost completely depleted after the last war, which means the DigiDestined are mostly on their own this time. Tai's new-and-improved WarGreymon sidekick will certainly help but, who knows -- maybe the reboot will be more generous in handing out the Mega evolutions. Digimon shouldn't just be the Tai and Matt show, after all.

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