“Rave Horse” Steals the Show at Tokyo Olympics With EDM Dressage Routine

Mopsie the "rave horse" is growing a colt following after a bass-fueled dressage grand prix freestyle at the Tokyo Olympics.

Ridden by five-time Olympian Steffan Peters of the U.S., Mopsie hoofed around to an EDM mix at the Olympic Equestrian Park on July 28th, flawlessly gyrating to classics like Rune RK's "Calabria" and Haddaway's "What Is Love." 

The unlikely (and hilarious) equestrian-rave mashup worked, leading to a top-10 finish for Mopsie and Peters just one day after the pair rode to silver with the U.S. dressage team in its best finish since 1948.

Mopsie's viral routine even reached Kevin Hart and Snoop Dogg, who chimed in with some hysterical commentary.

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"Rave Horse" Steals the Show at Tokyo Olympics With EDM Dressage Routine

Mopsie the "rave horse" is growing a colt following.

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In dressage, competitors are judged on the rhythm and communication between horse and rider. But unlike the unbridled energy of a rave, the routines are fluid and technical in nature. Riders are able to develop their own routines and soundtrack them with beats of their choice, which Peters did with the help of a seasoned electronic music producer.

Turns out the mix was created by Taylor Kade, a dance music beatsmith and Insomniac Radio host. After Mopsie's routine went viral, Kade shared a TikTok video offering a glimpse into the project's Ableton file.

"A couple years ago, I was reached out to by a mutual contact, and they're like, 'Hey we have this project can you do it its for a horse dressage routine,'" Kade said. "So for the past couple of years I did a couple of these, and as it turns out, the two that I did were being used to qualify for the Olympics. And then, I come to find out that both of them made it to the Olympics and now two out of the three riders for the U.S. Olympic team are using music that I mixed."

Check out Kade's video below.