Prepare The Dancefloor: DJ Drist Released “City Lights”

Polish DJ and Producer Drist, with his new electro masterpiece "City Lights," makes sure you would not leave the dancefloor until your knees hurt. The track is perfect in every aspect. The energy is lit, the sound is fulfilling, the beats are irresistible, the mood is inviting, the production is mindblowing, as the DJ steals the show. 

Drist blends house and EDM in a perfect mix with the ethereal feel and dance tunes. The track goes beyond the genre and promises to steal the hearts worldwide with its edgy vibe. It seems like Drist made it his duty with "City Lights" to not let anyone even think of leaving the dancefloor. 

The artist is not new to EDM sound and culture. He left the spotlight for eight years, but his comeback could not be more epic. "City Lights'' represents Drist's fiery passion for music and the genre specifically. With the new release, he did not only show himself as a professional and genre OG but also claimed his place by bringing his own signature sound to the electro game. 

The artist's sound is progressive and deep. He is bold enough to use classical instruments such as piano and strings sounds while managing to keep the production's edginess high.