[PREMIERE] Trinergy Returns To Never Say Die With One Of The Best Bass Tracks Of 2020

Most days, I get sent a lot of pitches for tracks. I like some, I don’t like some. Then, there are the days when I get sent something that puts my jaw on the floor, puts the fear of God in me, forces me to ponder what I’m doing in this world, gives me goosebumps on top of goosebumps, puts me on pause to wonder what in the fuck I just listened to in the best way possible. That is Trinergy’s new song, “Acid Love,” out tomorrow on Never Say Die.

Probably fitting in the new future riddim genre — but it doesn’t really matter — “Acid Love” is peak evolution. This is the apex predator of dubstep. This song is so good that it would have dominated festivals for months if they were still going on right now. Let’s break it down.

  • The intro is slow and deceptively unassuming. It comes in with a bit of a breakbeat rhythm.
  • Then, the arpeggios. Oh my god, the arpeggios. It’s such a beautiful melody and as the rhythm picks up, your first goosebumps come in. As you think the drop is coming, it breaks again and switches rhythms.
  • THEN the drop comes with the force of a thermonuclear bomb, with an embellished melody and those perfect unrelenting stabs. You want it to be longer, but oh wait… there’s so much more.
  • As Trinergy prepares to head into the second drop, that first melodic build up returns with slightly different notes.
  • And you hear it… “Switch!” The rhythm here is so much chunkier and more discordant, but with that melody at its core, still so damn beautiful.
  • Finally, a moment to breathe and you’re left thinking, “Oh, what was that…?” But not for long!
  • The melodic build returns once again and you just know it’s going to be something different.
  • New synths and grittier bass come in with a new rhythm and arrangement, pulling everything together for a climax that leaves you breathless and wondering how you’re going to go on without this in your life.

Thankfully, “Acid Love” officially releases on all streaming platforms tomorrow, but hear it first below exclusively on Your EDM!