Parable of the Sower” by Octavia Butler: The Story of Creation and its Impact on Modern Feminism

Parable of the Sower is a fascinating and empowering story about a woman’s instincts to survive. The story takes place in California, where Lauren, the protagonist, is faced with challenges. The government has collapsed and gangs are roaming the streets. In a world of global warming, water shortages, human trafficking, and drugs, violence is always present. Lauren’s family is murdered, leaving her with no choice but to flee and try to survive.

Modern feminists praise this work by Octavia Butler as being a motivation for women to succeed. It discusses how to overcome a bad situation where women often feel trapped. It is also the story of creation. On a search for a new world free from chaos, readers feel various emotions of Laura as she finds new religion on her journey to a life with no violence. Those that are studying feminism or African history in school may find this book to be useful. It provides a fictional perspective of our world today and touches on many aspects that we currently deal with. From religion to inequality, this book can be a great learning tool.

Feminism in Parable of the Sower

There is a strong focus on feminist politics throughout this book. With a young heroine that changes the lives of many, we see how women can have the power to influence others. It depicts the ability of women to be powerful in a male-dominated society. Butler strives to create a character that shows women can make good decisions on their own. These decisions are liberating not only for Laura but for those around her.

As a student, you may have an essay assignment addressing the question of feminism. This book is a great resource. You can refer to essay samples online to get more facts on modern feminism. Within this story, Butler portrays our main character as being a mature and intelligent leader. By writing informative “Parable of the Sower” essays, students can highlight where women stand in society today. This powerful book shows readers how women can become leaders during hard times.

The way people perceive feminism and gender has been changing since the 1960s. The book’s impact on modern feminism has been a strong one. While this story takes readers to a futuristic time in 2024, stereotypical gender roles have returned. The book addresses how Lauren handles being an object instead of an individual. While the future society in America has been broken down by climate change and drugs, the roles of men and women are dated.

Examples of Feminism in the Book

As you read these pages, you will see many references to gender inequality. After her town was attacked and people were killed, the main character realizes that women and children had been raped prior to death. This shows how men treated females as objects. Lauren quickly understands the stereotype that women are to care for a family while men protect and provide.

The author created a character that did not believe in these gender roles. She shotguns and dressed like a man to appear strong and hide any femininity. Other women did not survive because they had no survivor skills, demonstrating that women are weak.

How the Book is Relevant Today

It would be best to understand the power of this book by answering when the Parable of the Sower was written. Butler penned this story in 1993, but it takes place years ahead, with events happening in 2024. Octavia Butler’s book remains relevant today as it addresses current economic concerns, including global warming and climate change.

Throughout the story, there is a reference to religion. Butler attempts to argue against reliance on religious beliefs and practices. Characters in this book have various belief systems. Laura has a varying perspective on religion than her father, who was a Baptist. In the story, community members rely on religion to find peace. While some are successful, this book shows how many religious beliefs can leave one trapped in a bubble of ignorance. They do not notice or react to issues surrounding them.

Today, society is still dealing with the effects of inequality. The world in this book is riddled with crime and people cannot call police or fire departments due to cost. In our society, similar situations occur, where people have to pass on important surgeries due to increased medical costs. The same applies to our education system, where only wealthy parents can afford private schools. Inequality plagues today’s society just as it has for years. It just wears a different mask, but still delivers powerful blows to those that are of a lower class.


Feminist themes have appeared in many books and the Parable of the Sower Butler summary is that women can overcome the stereotype. The future of society in America shows our protagonist standing up to gender roles. She impacts how others view women and shows that one does not need to rely on a man to be strong. Butler, an American Feminist author, delivers us with a modern character battling similar issues we face today. From racial uproar to gender inequality, modern feminism is the main theme used by Butler.