Pacific Rim: The Black’s Shocking Season 1 Ending, Explained

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for Season 1 of Pacific Rim: The Black, now streaming on Netflix.

Pacific Rim: The Black quickly places the siblings, Taylor and Hayley, in the middle of a human and kaiju war as they try to find their parents. 10 years after the events of the first film, they're finally able to pilot a Jaeger, Atlas Destroyer, to try and head to Sydney, however, they're being hunted by the Australian warlord, Shane, and his colony.

After escaping and ending up in Clayton, just as they think they're out of danger, the kaiju that's also been after them for these seven episodes, Copperhead, comes sniffing around. This leads to a brutal finale for Season 1 that's sure to have huge repercussions for the series.

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Taylor and Hayley pick up an emergency signal in the city, hoping they can find people to help them and the mysterious Boy, who they picked up on their journey. The pair have to keep him safe, as he can communicate with monsters from beyond the breach, but as they try to recruit Mei, one of Shane's former soldiers, Copperhead attacks.

Taylor and Mei fight back in their Jaeger, but Copperhead easily knocks them over. However, just when the beast goes after Hayley on the ground, Boy turns into a kaiju himself and starts fighting back. It's a stunning moment, seeing him moving quickly to hammer Copperhead down, but because he's smaller and inexperienced, he gets tossed aside.

Luckily, Taylor uses the chain in Atlas Destroyer to open up a wound in Copperhead's chest. As they distract the creature, Hayley's able to jump into their parents' Jaeger, which they found abandoned. There's one nuke left in the hand -- it failed to launch after getting stuck -- but Hayley gets it to fire off, shooting it straight at Copperhead.

It enters his chest thanks to her good aim, blowing the behemoth up and saving everyone. It's most welcomed as Taylor and Mei weren't as drift compatible as they' should've been to fight back properly. As for Boy, Hayley finds the him under rubble, looking scared. She doesn't know how badly hurt he is or if whether he'll survive, but what's clear is that Taylor and Mei consider him a little brother and want to keep him safe.

Taylor admits that, since Boy came from one of the Pan Pacific Defense Corps labs, he thought humans made him, he now believes the Precursors, the kaiju-alien overlords, created him as a trojan horse to infiltrate Earth. As they tend to Boy, we then see three cloaked women looking on from a rooftop. They're controlling the kaiju-dogs that were seen hunting the group early on and they mention that now they've finally found their "kaiju messiah."

They're talking about Boy and, as they call each other "sister," it becomes apparent they're the Sisters Shane mentioned earlier in the series. They pay handsomely in the black market, trading for kaiju eggs, so it remains to be seen what they're doing with them and how they're controlling their own mini-monsters. Only time will tell, but they've got their eyes on the team and will inevitably be coming for Boy.

Co-created by Craig Kyle and Greg Johnson and produced by Legendary Television and Polygon Pictures, Pacific Rim: The Black Season 1 is currently streaming on Netflix.

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