Overlord Summons New Character Art for Anime’s Fourth Season

Overlord has released several brand-new character visuals for its main cast.

The character visuals, released by Natalie, show the updated designs for Ainz Ooal Gown, Albedo, Shalltear, Bloodfallen, Aura Bella Fiora, Mare Bello Fiore, Cocytus and Demiurge. The images promote the anime's fourth season, which will be released sometime in 2022.

A giveaway will be held on Twitter between Feb. 5-11 at 11:59 p.m. to commemorate the release of the new designs. Fans who are interested can follow Overlord's official Twitter account (@over_lord_anime) and retweet the target post. At the end of the period, 20 winners will be chosen to receive a poster with one of the new visuals.

The upcoming season of Overlord is the fourth installment in the series and sees the return of the main cast from the first three seasons. Season 4 is produced by studio Madhouse and continues the story that began in 2015. There's also currently a film based on the Holy Kingdom Arc in development.

Overlord is a Japanese light novel series written by Kugane Maruyama and illustrated by so-bin that began serialization online in 2010 before being picked up by Enterbrain. The story takes place in a popular virtual reality video game called Yggdrasil, where Momonga -- a skilled player and guild master in the game -- decides to stay logged in until the game shuts down its servers for good. However, when the time arrives for the game to go offline, Momonga finds he hasn't been logged out and that the NPCs have started to develop their own personalities. He then makes it his mission to take control of the game world, which is now alive, and investigate what caused the phenomenon.

In 2014, the novels were adapted into a manga written by Satoshi Oshio and illustrated by Hugin Miyama, which was serialized in Kadokawa Shoten's Comp Ace. These novels were adapted into a TV anime series the following year consisting of three 13-episode seasons and two compilation films -- Overlord: The Undead King and Overlord: The Dark Warrior -- which were released in February and March 2017, respectively.

Season 4 of Overlord has yet to receive a premiere date.

Source: Natalie, via Crunchyroll

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