One Piece Chapter 1039 Recap & Spoilers: Top Billing

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter 1039, "Top Billing," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul, and Vanessa Satone, available in English from Viz Media.

The previous chapter began in a blazing frenzy with members of both sides clambering to escape the burning castle. The only ones still holding out were Raizo and Fukurokuju, who were both paralyzed by the other in a jutsu stand-off. Below them, Jimbei protected a group of samurai from the collapsing roof while Chopper finally returned to his normal form out on the Performance Floor. Elsewhere, Zoro was literally staring Death in the face, Franky was running through the Right Brain Tower looking for Zoro, and Izo was struggling after a brief battle in the crawlspace of the first floor. There, he came face-to-face-to-face with two masked members of CP0. The two government agents decided that they would pretend he wasn't there as they were more concerned with finding the Straw Hats, but Izo called them back.

In the basement, Yamato finally made it to the Armory just as the Burning Hatred did. Using his Devil Fruit powers, he was able to freeze the explosives before the spirit could set them off, creating a protective ice barrier around the bombs. He decided to try and take the spirit on, determined to keep the island from exploding with everyone on it. Returning to the Performance Floor, Kid and Law were beaten into the ground by Big Mom and her Homies. She laughed at their plight, even attacking their crews as they cheered on their captains and tried to help. Just as she goes to see what's taking Kaido so long, Law used his Anesthesia ability to impale Big Mom so that he could follow up with his Shock Wille. Kid took advantage of Big Mom's predicament to launch an attack of his own, running her over with his Punk Corna Dio attack.

kid and law bicker about attacks

Chapter 1039 sees Momonosuke still doing his best to keep Onigashima from reaching the Flower Capital by using Kaido's Flame Clouds to pull it back. He's still struggling to pull the weight of the island to keep it from moving forward, but he's finally having some success. He only needs to pull it a little further when suddenly, he hears someone calling for him.

Back on the battlefield, everyone is shocked that Law and Kid were able to knock Big Mom down. The three crews are yelling, some for Big Mom to get up and others cheering for Kid and Law. While in a moment of respite, Law and Kid begin arguing with each other about who should be the one to land the final blow. Law is insulted Kid comes in after Law's big move to attack with his own, but Kid just tells him not to order him around and that it isn't important right now.

kid assigns magnetism to big mom

During the squabble, Big Mom rises to her feet once again, bones broken and misshapen. This doesn't slow her down and she uses up some life to repair the damage while acknowledging how dangerous Law's technique is. As this happens, Law confides in Kid that his next attack will be his last as he's completely out of strength, but Kid just tells him to stop bossing him around.

Big Mom calls on Napoleon, Hera, and Prometheus and the three Homies combine together to form a powerful Maser Saber attack that slices through Kid's metal bull. Kid says it's nothing, but Big Mom in turn calls the two captains nothing, saying she's sent others just like them to the bottom of the sea. The Emperors have ruled for decades, since before the new generation of pirates.

big mom unleashes misery

Kid responds to Big Mom's speech by magnetizing her, sending her flying into a nearby tower and pinning her in place. Unable to move, he then sends his bull ramming into her again, but she manages to use the tower stuck to her back as a shield to block the attack. Kid is in shock as an enraged Big Mom launches a Mother's Visit Cannon: 3,000 Leagues of Misery attack that take on the form of a giant woman. The attack takes on a life of its own as Big Mom urges it on.

What she hasn't noticed, however, is the large piece of rubble floating above her head thanks to Law's Takt ability. He disables his ability, sending the rubble crashing down onto Big Mom. While she's knocked down, he jumps into the air and activates his Anesthesia ability before plunging the sword into Big Mom's chest. She calls his name him as he extends the blade through the basement, passing Yamato, through Onigashima itself and into the ground below.

Kid readies his Damned Punk Cannon

Big Mom starts berating him, beating him with her fists. Law ignores her, telling himself it has to go deeper. Big Mom orders him to listen to her as Law's crew calls for him to get away or he will die. Ignoring everyone around him, Law unleashes a Puncture Wille attack, sending shockwaves down through the blade and creating a crater in the ground beneath the island. The attack causes a substantial amount of damage to Big Mom and the earth below, which confuses Momonosuke as he watches the crater form from above. Yamato is equally confused at the new hole in the castle.

Barely hanging on, Big Mom calls for Misery to attack a now prone Law, who calls out to Kid to also attack now. In the air above Big Mom, Kid readies a cannon attack while also chiding Law for bossing him around. Big Mom curses them both, saying that she won't go down because she is Big Mom. Kid smiles and tells her that's why they're getting rid of her. He fires the cannon in a Damned Punk attack as Law tells Big Mom that her era is over.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, February 13th.

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