Dragon Ball: Super Buu vs Lord Beerus – Who Would Win in a Fight?

Since debuting in 1984, the Dragon Ball franchise has spawned a gallery of complex, remarkable characters. From heroic powerhouses like Goku and Vegeta to horrific villains like King Piccolo and Frieza, Dragon Ball has produced characters who are carefully crafted and physically strong in equal measure. One such character is the hot-headed deity of destruction, Beerus the Destroyer.

As his title suggests, Beerus is the God of Destruction of Universe 7 -- the universe inhabited by the series' principal cast. With this designation comes an immeasurable, entirely destructive power the likes of which gives even Goku a run for his money. Yet as foreboding as he may sound, Beerus is not purely evil, and has even rescued the Earth and its inhabitants from destruction on numerous occasions. Most notably, he helped to defeat Goku Black and Zamasu when they tried to initiate Project Zero Mortals.

While a god of destruction, Beerus -- like the Kais and the Supreme Kais -- is responsible for maintaining balance in the universe. As such, though he frequently displays lazy and obstinate behaviors, he ultimately maintains a level head, particularly when matters turn grave.

If the mighty Beerus is indicative of order and balance through annihilation, the perfect antithesis to him would be Dragon Ball Z's menacing, hero-absorbing Super Buu. The main antagonist of the "Fusion Saga" segment of the overarching "Majin Buu" arc, Super Buu is the result of Majin Buu's evil side eating and absorbing the good side. Consequently, Super Buu has all the power and abilities of Majin Buu, but his personality is driven by pure selfishness -- and a wanton desire to consume and eradicate anything and everything.

Can Super Buu Beat Beerus?

Although Beerus never meets Super Buu in battle, he easily dispatches Mr. Buu in Episode 6 of Dragon Ball Super. However, Mr. Buu is a very different and less powerful being from his previous, supremely evil incarnation. That said, in terms of straightforward power and requisite intellect necessary to combat, Beerus has something of a considerable advantage over Super Buu.

In the "Majin Buu" arc, Super Buu has some difficulty fighting Goku in his Super Saiyan 3 state, while the power-up is barely enough to peek Beerus' interest. Additionally, Beerus is capable of attaining an imperfect Autonomous Ultra Instinct state, which increases his strength, speed, and cognition beyond anything Super Buu would have ever faced.

However, given the scope and unsettling nature of Super Buu's abilities -- which include those belonging to the Z Fighters he absorbed -- along with the fact Beerus has yet to perfect the Ultra Instinct state, there's a possibility Super Buu could catch Beerus off his guard. Should that happen, Buu would likely use his signature Transfiguration Beam, transforming Beerus into a sweet treat which he would then consume, thus acquiring Beerus' divine destructive powers.

What If Super Buu Absorbed Beerus?

Should Super Buu successfully absorb Beerus, the results would be disastrous for the Z Fighters, Universe 7 and the multiverse as a whole. Buu's strength and erratic, purely evil nature coupled with Beerus' (literally) world-ending might, cold sense of balance, and similarly self-serving inclination toward sweets would result in a being even Whis may have trouble containing, to say nothing of defeating.

Yet, should such an event ever come to pass in Dragon Ball, there's one more plate of plot armor that could save the day: Whis' Temporal Do-Over technique. This ability can rewind time a full three minutes, which would allow him time to undo Super Buu's absorption attack and warn Beerus of what's to come. However, without the assistance of his attendant, Beerus would face stiff competition in a bout with Super Buu, possibly meeting an ironic end by being transformed into one of the delectable treats he so enjoys.

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