One Piece Chapter #1026 Recap & Spoilers: The Pivotal Clash

WARNING: The following contains spoilers for One Piece Chapter #1026, "The Pivotal Clash," by Eiichiro Oda, Stephen Paul and Vanessa Satone, available in English via Manga Plus and Viz Media.

Chapter 1025 of One Piece found our heroes in dire straights. Luffy and Momonosuke were having trouble getting off the ground, with Momo's fear of heights keeping him from taking full advantage of his new adult dragon form. Yamato was able to fend off Kaido's Thunder Bagua attack, but just barely. He launched a counterattack, but Kaido was able to match him blow for blow. He mocked his son for wanting to be friends with humans, saying that it was destiny that Yamato will always be alone, but Yamato, as usual, defied this.

Meanwhile, Momo finally managed to get into the air, but wouldn't open his eyes. As a result, he and Luffy went crashing through the castle instead of landing on the roof as expected, shocking everyone who saw them. They eventually reached the roof, where Yamato was still fending off his father. Yamato and Luffy unwittingly timed their attacks perfectly, sending Kaido flying. Their reunion was short-lived, however, as Kaido quickly recovered from the double-whammy and returned to his own dragon form to confront Luffy and the mysterious pink dragon. Chapter 1026 opens picks up right afterward, as a deadly battle rages in the skies of the Flower Capital.

Flower Capitol Fire Festival

As the festivities continue in the Flower Capital, one of the revelers, Tenguyama, isn't quite so joyous, worrying whether Otama is safe with the others. Meanwhile, on the roof of the Skull Dome, one of the Marys spies on the confrontation between Yamato, Kaido, Luffy and Momonosuke. They report their findings in an announcement to the entire island, revealing to everyone that Yamato is bloodied and bruised and that there are now two dragons hovering in the air, with Luffy riding atop one of them. The Mary still doesn't know who the pink dragon is, but identifies him as an enemy.

Kaido opens his mouth to launch a Blast Breath attack, which Luffy immediately recognizes. He urges Momo to spit something back at him, but Momo insists that he can't and barely avoids the attack. He then pleads with Kaido to stop and says that he's not there to fight. Luffy asks Momo to bite Kaido and hold on, but Momo again insists that he can't. Luffy attacks Kaido with a Gum-Gum Elephant Gun and, as Kaido crashes into the ground below, Momo thinks about Luffy's request and the day his mother was killed. This memory gives him the courage to bite and latch onto Kaido's neck.

Holding on tight, he remembers Kaido calling his father a fool and he bites harder. Even when Kaido questions what Momo's doing, he doesn't answer -- he just thinks about how Kaido ruined his family and his country. Yamato calls out to him, imploring him to get away from Kaido, but Luffy praises him for conquering his fear.

Back in the Treasury Depository, Jack comments that dragons bring clouds and that the moon is no longer visible. Because of Momo and Kaido both being in dragon form at the same time, storm clouds have formed and covered the full moon, reversing the Sulong effects Cat Viper and Duke Dogstorm were under. They're both on their last legs, with Jack and Perospero delighting in their respective strokes of luck.

Over the loudspeaker, the fighters hear Momo's name and begin realizing who the pink dragon is. Sanji and Zoro wonder whether the pink dragon was really Momo, but Sanji insists it couldn't have been. Back at the fight, Luffy tells Momo that he just took a bite out of an Emperor of the Sea, then asks if there is anything left for Momo to be afraid of. Realizing what he's done, Momo replies, "No." Luffy continues to push Momo on, his words ringing throughout the island. "Don't worry about Kaido!! I guarantee you, I'll win!!!" The fighters below cheer on, while Big Mom laughs at the idea, calling Luffy a "funny guy."

Kaido returns to his hybrid form, asking Luffy if there is a single chance he could win. Luffy replies, "As long as I'm alive, I have infinite chances." The two attack each other, black lightning crackling around them. The force of their punches creates a gap in the clouds, once again revealing the full moon. Jack and Perospero look on in shock as Dogstorm and Cat Viper both launch Oden One-Sword Style attacks: Canine Cleaver and Feline Frenzy. The Lead Performer and eldest son of Big Mom both fall, finally out of the fight for good. Inuarashi stands above his opponent, unaware he has a spectator hiding behind him.

The next chapter of One Piece will be available on Sunday, October 3rd.

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