Neil Young Won’t Reunite CSNY Because David Crosby Shit-Talked His Wife

Back in 2014, David Crosby thought it would be a great idea to publicly declare that the new girlfriend of one of his oldest pals, Neil Young, was a “purely poisonous predator” who wasn’t worthy of Young’s affection — which was also fueled by the fact that Young recently separated with his wife of four decades. Young would go on to marry this lethal broad, Daryl Hannah, a few years later, and despite repeated apologies from Crosby in the press, neither the duo nor their full band, Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, have appeared together in any full capacity since. (You may recall that Jimmy Fallon’s humorous reunion with the group was noticeably Young-less.) In a new interview with Rolling Stone, Crosby admitted that he has privately contacted Young many times with apology pleas, one of which was an emailed opus, but he never got a response.

“No, I really don’t,” Crosby explained when asked about the potential of a CSNY reunion. “I got as out-front with it as I could. I sent an email to Neil, saying, ‘Listen, I know you’re pissed at me because I slagged your girlfriend. And I’m sorry.’ I’ve apologized a couple of times publicly … and I said, ‘I’m really sorry I shot my mouth off about your girlfriend. I really am. But we’ve all been horrible to each other over the years.’ Neil left Stephen in the middle of a tour, twice! Twice! It was a really good email, man. It was very sincere, very straightforward. I’m not buttering his toast, trying to suck his dick.”

While Crosby insisted that his big email to Young was “totally sincere,” he says he “got a large, empty, echoing silence back,” even when the possibility of a reunion was thrown around to support the Democratic Party in this election year — an idea that fellow member Stephen Stills supports. “Everybody in the country would, man,” Crosby added about a reunion. “There’s only one person who doesn’t want it. No, there’s two people who don’t want it. That’s Neil and the lady in question.” No, not Judy. Daryl.